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Warframe Concept: Gilgamesh, King of War

(XBOX)Grim Reaper6171

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Gilgamesh, king of War


Health: 350 (650 at Rank 30)


Shield: 0


Armor: 525


Speed: 1.15


Stamina: 90


Ability 1: Invocation of Babylon

Energy: 25

Duration: 5/10/15/20s

Lifesteal: 10%

Debuff: 25%

-Gilgamesh opens his right shoulder guard, possessing all his treasures, granting him 10% life steal to melee weapons. This ability acts as a damage mitigation of incoming projectile damage reducing it by 25%, at the cost of primaries and secondaries receiving a 25% damage reduction.


Ability 2: Ishtar’s Grudge

Energy: 50

Duration: 10/14/18/22s

Range: 6/8/10/12m

Damage Buff: 10/20/30/40%

Status chance: 5/10/15/20%

-Enemies become enchanted through possession, allies slain enrages them and taunts them into attacking you. Taunted enemies receive a moderate damage boost when attacking you, but are more vulnerable to status procs.


Ability 3: King’s Grave

Energy: 75

Damage: 350/500/700/1000

Duration: 6/8/10/12s


-Creates a AOE that extrudes swords, daggers, axes, halberds, pikes, and spears from the ground causing enemies that past through it be proc with slash or puncture. Whereas the initial cast causes impact damage, initial status procs within the AOE last for 5’s. Enemies affected by Ishtar’s Grudge, will refresh by 1/s up to 5’s capping out at 10’s in the affected area.


Ability 4: Masamune

Damage: 100/125/200/250

Energy: 100

Energy Drain: 3/s

-Stance: (To be determined)/Summon a sword, who’s edge knows no equal.

-(Exalted Heavy Blade Sword): Gilgamesh’s left shoulder guard begins to glow, summoning a giant two handed katana that erodes the enemies armor with each swing./Gave him this weapon because I liked the thought of a exalted heavy blade weapon. Plus I was thrilled when I saw that two-handed katana they kind of announced with Revenant.

-Damaged is distributed 20% Impact, 20% Puncture, and 60% Slash.

-Corrosive: 65

Block Resist: 85%

-Crit Chance: 15%

Crit Multiplier: 2.0

Status Chance: 20%

Slam Attack: 180

Slide Attack: 180

Wall Attack: 260

Attack Speed: 0.9

Channeling Damage: 1.5


Passive: Enkidu’s Blessing

-Receive a 5% armor/shield penetration when using a two-handed weapon or dual blades. 1% is added for every enemy taunted by Ishtar’s Grudge inside King’s Grave, in addition capping out at 15%. Additional 10% lasts only for the duration of Invocation of Babylon.

-Keep in mind that 15% is 15% of the total damage of the weapon. And no, this passive does not reduce the debuff of the first ability Invocation of Babylon.



(To be determined)/ Want to tie it to the sentients, maybe caused do to them scanning the grineer experiments of Tyl Regor (The Tube Men/Maniacs) or something idk yet. Did want him to be a warframe dropped from sentients as well, I felt it was only fitting. Still a work in progress but I feel I did alright. Well tell what you think and happy hunting fellow Warframe Fans.

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4 minutes ago, (XB1)EternalDrk Mako said:

just a question, did you search to see if there hasnt already been a similar named concept ? as i think ive seen it appear before it thought id ask

Really no I didn't. I was thinking of a new tank-like warframe, similar to the health pool aspect because I like playing the tank role. But at the same I wasn't trying to rip off any already created kits from warframe. I was torn between idea concepts of benkei(yugioh) and gilgamesh(FF series). So instead I did research on the history of both characters, not so much the games their incorporated into. I felt that though Ash passive does boost slash damage and duration, their weren't really frames focused on status effects. I probably should have search to see but that is my fault. I'm not a person to rip off ideas and I'd gladly apologize if I accidentally did.

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