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The 12m vertical capped on Loot radars


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Heya There flat earthers, oh wait a loot below me, but my radar show nothing must've been a glitch. (Few minutes laters scrambling to and fro the tileset seaeching for that last cache) &!;!&#&# this im done ( search online ,youtube etc.  for clues on cache locations, then found out that there was a ledge that lead to the cache but did not notice since the radar only works horizontaly T.T ) 

I know its cringgy but hey we all or most of us have been there now for this X-mas 

D.E. please allow the loot radar to  have the same vertical value as the horizontal ones  ( plainly +30 loot radar should work 30 on y-axis and 30 on x-axis) 


And yea merry X-mas santa frost skin was awesome

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