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Gunblades + Sidearm


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So I’ve been doing some thinking. Sidearms & Glaives are a pretty sweet combo. So how about we take that up that up a notch. So the newly primed gunblade looks really incredible. Since gunblades aren’t technically held by the Warframes both hands.

Could we make it so the Warframe could hold a sidearm plus the gunblade? I think it would be pretty cool with some of the combos you can make with purposely interrupting your combo to shoot your sidearm and then shotgunning with the gunblade. The charge mechanic that the glaive has should also transfer over to the gunblade 

What are the community thoughts?

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It'd be cool, but I have my doubts since:

1. you can already fire the gunblade for range.

2. specific grips while firing the gunblade would be awkward.

You could possibly get away with it if you used attack patterns that don't double hand the gunblade. Otherwise you could really just not give a damn and just make the secondary disappear in those instances.

Whatever the case is, like raptor said, they plan on a lot of things to follow glaives in being able to hold secondaries come 3.0

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