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Heist 4 - bugged weapons


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Once I used my archgun - i could not switch back to regular guns.  Tried everything from long press switch weapons to quick press to use tranq gun, re-enable archwing via gear wheel - nothing.  only solution was to run out of archwing bullets which then triggered teh 10min cooldown.

Once I did the above, I could no longer melee - only switch between primary and secondary weapon.  Inability to melee also happened on a prior run.  Sometimes can long press switch weapon to actually equip melee weapon then am able to melee but all that takes precious seconds and generally gets one killed.


once cooldown finally wore off or i picked up a reset thing, i re-enabled my archgun and then could melee again.

Also intermitantly was unable to do transference at all. 

On a prior run, i got bugged and couldn't use any abilities or transference until i got myself killed.


The whole mechanic of using archgun and switching weapons (and the cooldown for that matter) needs a serious rework imho.


Using controller if that makes a difference.



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the cooldown needs removed completly - especially since it's BS anyway. at times i can use the the AW gun right after i picked up some ammo for it (as it made sense) but then, why should i have a cooldown when i e.g. just get kicked out of my AW, using it? just let it use ammo and only give it a cooldown IF we run out ammo for it (also, this means we should be able to use an ammo-pizza to restock this heavy ammo, which doesn't work right now).

beside that, there are several bugs with the whole "heavy weapon" mechanic atm - all of them already described, so i won't repeat them here...

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