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  1. haven't host unable to leave on console They have not fixed getting stuck in the crewship/hanger on console. Don't know about PC. Don't know what other players abort farming has to do with being "worth it." - and you can still abort farm on console although i'd argue its inefficient if you don't have all the avionics, resources, and wreckage you need/want and better to stealth farm but finish the mission.
  2. you mean like with a lumbering spaceship that has a stamina bar?
  3. Not sure which synth you were using - but equipping Synth Fiber on Djin and neither my Rubico nor Sicarus ever reloaded a single bullet in their holster no matter how long I waited after switching weapons.
  4. Happens on xb as well where you won't have your secondary while in bleed out with umbra
  5. MH inventory system is terrible not charming. It was the first thing that really drove me crazy. and sure you can craft mid hunt but with a subset of everything that is available in the game. No, all you're doing is trying to defend the indefensible position that the new UI is perfect. If you've followed the discussion on the UI changes - including those that lead up to this, the biggest issue for players was of useability and efficiency. That was the complain with the removal of hot keys, the removal of D-PAD, the forced cursor into the console realm. The criticisms were
  6. What? No. What i'm saying is the removal of labels was a ridiculously poor UI decision. No where did I say anything about side to side, or single rows of anything. Speaking of zero - Like I literally can see zero argument that I made that would imply that. But I guess you're a visual not reading comprehension sort of guy so I'll paint you a picture: I want labels like I pasted on the Arcane Accelerations. no mousing over, all the information required is there. Without looking up anything, what are each of the other arcanes you see there? Or would you have to mouse ove
  7. Its not an issue of "hard" or not understanding "HOW" to use it. its objectively slower than it needs to be. There is NO REASON we should have to mouse over every frickin thing to see what it is. Especially when selling excess inventory for ducats or credits or seeing baro inventory. And its 10x worse if you use a controller since "mousing" over stuff is tediously slow when we should be able to see the names without having to do any extra work.
  8. And oh how nice it would be to have something similar for Energy Leeches.
  9. ostron/quills standing is not worth unlimited rewards to a veteran player. its not worth farming gems to craft "arcanes" to sell. So one you've acquired one (or ten depending) of everything there is no point in PoE standing for a veteran. and even with the daily cap, max everything is achievable in about 45 days for a vet. If it were purely about preventing veterans from gaining standing, the daily cap wouldn't be tied to MR rank - or if it still was, it'd be inverted from its current DEsign lol. As it is it hinders new players far more than veterans.
  10. of all the time gates in WF this is the most annoying for me. On console when POE was release I was already MR24 so getting max standing in Quills/Ostron didn't take long. On PC, its a miserable slog where there has been little point in playing PoE at all sine my daily cap was hit after only a few low tier bounties and 1/2 a night session of terralysts. I actually didn't want to MR up my PC account but it was just too frustratingly slow so I had to take a few MR tests.
  11. MR11 can be simple Titania Don't have Titania - Zephyr Dont have Zephyr - any speedy frame like loki, nova, nezha. Dont have a speedy frame - put some speed mods on...nothing shooting you anyway Weapon choice matters too. AOE weapons trivialize it further - atomos, ignis - or my personal favorite for this test - Sonicor with a projectile flight speed mod and reload speed mods - no aiming at orbs required just point in the general direction. Flight speed is important or on the elevator section the sonicor projectiles won't reach. And lastly practice a couple of
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