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  1. The community in general likes to run missions as fast as possible, as efficiently as possible to farm as quickly as possible - and this INCLUDES boss fights. And then DE decides to continue to punish players with tedious new boss fights with artificial time gating to defeat. Does no one at DE realize that the power trip fantasy is part of the appeal of Warframe? that we don't want to sit spamming bullets at bullet sponges for 20 minutes? I fear this is the direction melee 3.0 is going to go as well - the idea that we want to flail for two minutes on single targets taking them out one at a time building up heavy charge attacks to finally kill them - when what we want to kill hordes fast in a horde based loot farming game. EDIT TO ADD: All their early nerfs to Eidolons did what exactly? They started nerfing them when people were doing 2x3 captures. And people were doing that with a VARIETY of frames and weapons. Now its down to the usual one or two team composition metas and people are doing 5x3 - but there is no longer any variety. SO the nerfs achieved NOTHING other than to remove player variety and options. and fun. and here we go again with shield disruption, shattering impact etc on the spider - DE is just going down the road of making it so it'll be a single meta that still kills the thing in 2 minutes, but if you don't want to play THAT meta, you suffer for 20+ minutes. You were correct with the below - you just applied it to the wrong line.
  2. I'm sure it is soloable - unfortunately my archwing gun while decent on pc is not great. I'm primarily a console player where my main acct is. i was inaros - never went down - just constantly knocked on my ass. i think the biggest issue i was having was inability to put away archwing gun, melee weapon getting glitched, etc... probably would be easier for me to solo as I was not host and hopefully some of that nonsense would be a non issue.
  3. i timed it the cut scene for b4 is "only" 2 minutes. Plus 1 minute to get back to plains, plus 30 sec conn host lost, plus 30 second to restart cut scene. Again. and again. and again. Again. and again. and again. Again. and again. and again. miserable.
  4. Unable to redeem syndicate marks - makes the noise, but they aren't consumed and no stadning granted.
  5. hmm that might be similar to what happened to me when I tried to use Mag - cast either her 3rd or 4th ability then was unable to use abilities from then on out or do transference.
  6. 4 runs of bounty heist 4. All with full squads of MR20+ with good gear. all failed. each time waiting through two minutes of yammering at the start. then 30 min of random archwing shooting by squad until final stage, then timer runs out when entire squad has no archwing guns left and are all mucking around waiting for a cooldown timer. Oh, and the entire time just getting spam knockdowns preventing revives, reloads, ability casts etc. and constantly knocked into streams which prompt a respawn (and cancel of active abilities) and repawn next to an enemy that promptly ragdolls you again. I'm done with it - its simply not enjoyable in the least.
  7. cooldown timer on the archguns is miserable experience. It needs to be disabled during the heist. also frequently i was unable to put the damn thing away and go back to regular weapons - weapon switch button didn't work, reselecting archwing weapon didn't work - i could only do it by switching to tranq gun or synth scanner, then switch to primary weapon - by which time i was generally dead from mucking about with the gear wheel while getting shot.
  8. seriously - a 10 min cooldown when they are required on the bounty? WTF is this exactly - wasted 20 minutes of which the majority of the time I couldn't do anything since I couldn't activate the #@(!@# archgun needed to do the actual fight. gee thanks DE.
  9. Yeah, not so much - kubrodon just spawned on the other side of a huge mountain outcrop (and as a result "in range" is debatable as I thought this was supposedly fixed in a previous hotfix), then immediately ran away.
  10. Did you do this by stopping the Toroid drop altogether? Just did 50 minutes @ spaceport desecrating the whole time with level 4 alerts - ~1000 enemies killed - zero Toroids. Good times. Also - no fix for the looting bounty (not sure what its called - the one where you collect credits) having completely random numbers being displayed for the credits collected - goes up, goes down, goes to zero, goes back up - no idea where one stands when doing the bounty.
  11. Rivens will never balance the game. You can't balance a weapon's use in the game by introducing something that has random stats applied to it and even worse has a random (and exceptionally low) chance of acquisition. Giving the MK-1 Braton a 10 dot dispostion (if it were possible) would not suddenly make the mk1 the most used weapon in the game. Very few people would have the riven, and of those even less would have good rolls on it. Rivens are solely a way to generate plat sales: encourage the use of formas and therefore forma sales due to their high mod cost encourage the purchase of boosters due to the high roll cost and slow acquisition rate of kuva encourage the purchase of platinum by people with more money than sense so they can buy their way to power. encourage the purchase of weapon slots because now you have to have xyx weapon EITHER because its the new meta and you sold it to make room, OR because you randomly got a riven and you think you want to test it. encourage the purchase of more riven slots Riven rebalancing changes none of the above - very few players will have "god rivens" for meta weapons. Now people that actually USE rivens because they like to play with them just have to get back to the grind to re-build weapons they previously disposed, forma the crap out of them, farm kuva endlessly etc. If "balance" was DE's intent, that can only be achieved by reworking the actual weapon stats so EVERYONE has access to them, and EVERYONE would be encouraged to play them, not just the lucky few who get that one in 400 riven for that weapon and then by chance get a decent roll. To call this a rebalance for the sake of balance in the game is farcical at best.
  12. all DE is trying to do with rivens is get people to buy resource doublers to farm kuva faster. if they were interested in balancing weapons, they'd balance weapons.
  13. they basically nerfed all the snipers that anyone used - vectis/lanka/rubico. its not like there are a huge number of sniper rifles in the game to choose from and snipetron needs a 6 disposition to make it any good and even then it'd probably still suck.
  14. I would have no issue with this. you can list it, and maybe some rich scrub with more money than sense buys it, but by in large this hurts NO ONE. on the other hand, if you spend 100's of hours farming kuva for a riven for your personal use, to get stats just so, then have it ripped out from you it just sucks plain and simple. I never buy rivens for plat - but i do invest heavily in kuva for rivens I unlock if I like the weapon. and this is a slap in the face for the hours i've spent farming kuva.
  15. What kind of twisted logic is this? I depended on my rubico riven to give me a certain multishot and reload speed - both of which have a huge impact on my rubico but you didn't stop there. In the end however, it doesn't bother me that the riven dispositions in general are "rebalanced", but it does bother me that they are rebalanced retroactively. I think that is really a pretty lame thing to do. People have spent hundreds to thousands of plat on rivens with certain stats, and you just stole that from them. They would not have paid as much for it with lower stats, and they very well may not have bought the riven at all Other people have spent HOURS farming kuva to roll rivens to get certain stats and you just pissed in their face and laughed at their efforts. If you want to rebalance weapon riven dispositions fine - but dont go retroactively changing stats. So there will be a few true "god" rivens floating around. They won't trade often, those that paid up for them are happy, those that farmed for days for kuva to reroll them are happy. If you are going to keep rebalancing rivens ALREADY REWARDED - give us the option to keep the rolls, or reset to 0 and refund the kuva. A lower disposition means I might not want the same stats - and may have meant I could have stopped rolling my riven at 2 rolls instead of 100. Just like other some other reworks DE has done in the past, this shows there is zero respect for the effort and time players have put forth.
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