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  1. Well clearly focus is directly tied to enemies- less kills=less focus. I don't think our enemy spawn is as low as 1/2, but its lower. ALso, our movement isn't quite as fast as on PC- subtle, but noticeable. As for my impression - well I maxed my focus on console a long time ago - right around when focus 2.5 was introduced so haven't cared a lick about it since. On PC, i've unlocked each waybound node and a few others I care about and don't care about it there anymore either. The only focus farming I do on PC is turning in eidolon shards - I don't do onslaught for focus or affinity - just farmed the frame and weapons and called it a day. Just missing one extra Lato Barrel for my son on Console and thankfully I'll be done with it on both platforms.
  2. tucker_d_dawg

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.4

    Reduced how? Its still annoying and quite loud... was it reduced in all instances? i.e. the quieter one that starts during the countdown the travel TO a mission the travel FROM a mission or perhaps you missed the last one?
  3. tucker_d_dawg

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.4

    YES: can now save controller custom binding NO: Still no option to disable drums still can't use Dpad to navigate menus still have to press "X" to confirm chat dialog brought up by controller still broken
  4. I play extensively on both platforms and have played the exact same tile sets on both platforms. The issue is solely the spawn rate - we (on console) don't have the enemy density this leads to Less things to kill=less focus less things to kill = significantly harder to get to zone x - 8/16 whatever. You can safely ignore any ignoramus PC users saying "you're doing it wrong".
  5. tucker_d_dawg

    Onslaught is just a meta-killing machine.

    consoel has the same drain rate but lower enemy density. So if you go in with a frame or weapon that can kill a group of enemies at their spawn point - but only the spawn point you are close to, you are only killing 15 enemies instead of 20 (e.g.) So a melee build is less effective, or an antimatter drop etc. On console you end up spending more time traversing the map and killing less. Huge AOE nuke frames and trins are therefore far more 'required'. Of course it depends on the tileset as to the extent that this has a material effect - last week it was glaring. This week due to the different tiles, it is not required to have a nuke frame on console.
  6. tucker_d_dawg

    Mastery Rank 25 test glitch

    I get stuck in the terrain on PoE when entering archwing all the time. Have to melee out of it and waste another charge to try again.
  7. tucker_d_dawg

    [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: Bug Report Megathread

    After portalling first portal on ESO, my warframe got stuck in the slow animation - literally everything - every movement, ability cast etc was in the super slow motion as if I was still portalling. Going down and getting revived didn't fix it. Getting killed and reviving didn't fix it. If i switched to operator, my operator went at normal speed, but switching back warframe still super slow. Had to leave squad.
  8. tucker_d_dawg

    Fixes for Eidolon Hunts when?

    5 Fully charged lures within 30m of second Eidolon. shoot him and "Bounty Failed" and no arcanes and no shards dropped from second one- its like he just never existed. Not even the drops as if we had killed him with no lures - just the one garbage arcane from the Terralyst. There was still 15minutes left of night session.
  9. tucker_d_dawg

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.3

    Why was the confirm on the controller moved to "X"? (well in most places - some places its still "A" but I'm not telling you where lest you go change that to X as well) X is generally used for Cancel - A is used for confirmation. It makes no sense. please give us back the ability to actually map custom configurations on the controller. It doesnt save any changes (although it says it does) Very annoying to once have had d-pad hotkeys for gear or abilities and no longer have that work Please give us back the ability to navigate the menus with the D-Pad up and down. Its faster and more intuitive. Please change the modal dialog box for chat that pops up when you use the controller: the only way to send the message is pressing "X" on the controller (which per bullet 1 makes no sense anyway) - Using the mouse to click the OK button closes the window without sending the message (the same if you click the Cancel button - so whats the difference? Pressing <enter> which would be the most intuitive thing since your hand is already on the keyboard to type - does nothing Pressing "A" does nothing
  10. tucker_d_dawg

    One per Account Items

    They are slowly fixing quest and junction rewards (like the ether? daggers (one of those daggers) and the orvius etc making them available elsewhere. Not sure how they should address login reward weapons - personally since they come with a slot so you don't have to pay for that, they should be untradable and unsellable. They have plenty of items you can't sell or trade (odonata bp eg.)
  11. tucker_d_dawg

    euphona prime build for eidolons?

    While you can use it, you will definitely need a buff frame - volt/chroma etc... it will simply not keep up with a lanka (assuming neither has rivens). The lanka you get the zoom crit chance and you easily get up to a 3x sniper combo multiplier. Its not even comparable.
  12. tucker_d_dawg

    Quick question about Arcanes

    unfortunately (and inexplicably) no - there is still no way to distill arcanes. Even trying to be somewhat careful, i've managed to partially rank up about 5 arcanes i didn't mean to leaving me with multiple partial rank arcanes of the same type.
  13. tucker_d_dawg

    Onslaught is just a meta-killing machine.

    None of the nerfs have been game breaking or even significantly game changing. but slowly and surely they are making the game more grindy. i have no issue if they want to give us nothing but squirt guns and feather pillows to fight with so long as they finally address some of the horrific rewards and drop tables
  14. tucker_d_dawg

    Onslaught is just a meta-killing machine.

    On PC you are mostly correct, on console they are pretty much required due to lower enemy density.
  15. tucker_d_dawg

    Please add an option to disable loading screen music

    If they add an option to disable it, if you like it you can keep it enabled. I want it gone entirely and agree with the OP.