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  1. tucker_d_dawg

    I die so easily

    My suggestion is stop focusing on the mods and focus more on the movement. For regular star chart missions no frame needs any "survivability" mods to survive. You need to stop focussing so much on face tanking damage and more on avoiding it in the first place - this will serve you much better in the long run. Learn the enemies, their attacks, the high priority targets Learn to avoid getting hit. Learn every frame you play and how their cc abilities work EDIT TO ADD: You can also get some help from mods etc that heal you (life strike, healing return etc.., or mods for your sentinal to heal you, or the 'arcanes' for your tenno that can heal your frame, arcane grace for your warframe...). The amount these can help you survive is not to be underestimated and of far greater value IMHO than more vitality/redirection etc.
  2. Regardless of void or any other mission - these are fairly standard drop chances consistent with prior unvaultings (excluding PoE things) - why the salt?
  3. tucker_d_dawg

    Cache riven mod challenge

    I've used both the caches from sabotage missions where you have three you can find, or the Plains of Eidolon bounty/incursion caches. Both should work fine.
  4. Had warframe running, with a browser over the top of it (Firefox) mouse clicks as I surfed the internet were passed through to warframe - resulting in random items being crafted in the foundry. I'm not sure if the foundry was "active" when i switched away from warframe - I don't believe it was I think i was just standing in my orbiter (possibly in front of the foundry) when I switched away.
  5. tucker_d_dawg

    The Nidus grind... is it too long?

    IMHO Onslaught & ESO drops are the worst. 18minutes to drop chance and its less likely to be solo-able it so are more likely to be dependent on teammates (those that still need it tend to have less gear and not as good loadouts at this point). Combine that with now Onslaught is primarily just a leech pool of people levelling their gear and bailing I feel bad for those that still need to do it. Nidus sucked because its the same mission again and again, fairly long to get to the drop chance but its not terrible to solo, and if you do get a squad - they are there for the same reason as you so will stay- so not as bad as the onslaught. Mesa sucked because its grinding for keys to grind for parts (no point in buying the keys from other players or you may as well buy the frame). save up about 4 keys, then hit recruiting for key shares and the second half isn't as bad. But the first part is horrible needing to do each invasion 3x for one coordinate then needing 3 for one key. Octavia's single part from survival can be bad but at least its only a single part buried behind 20 minutes of waiting for that roll of the dice. None of the other frames are as bad as these - sure you might have bad RNG, but at least the actual fight to get a chance at a drop is 5 minutes or less away. so running it again and again and again and again can be fairly quick While I think things like Umbra were too trivial, the changes they made to Limbo for example were the right way to go. When he was first released it was RNG to get the parts on that excavation - but now its a guaranteed mission reward after 8(?) excavators while doing the quest. Thats how the others (Khora/Nidus/Harrow) should be - and the drop table should be modified similar to the lore fragments - you do defection (for example) for 8 waves - it checks to see if you have harrow or harrow part - if yes - it picks a standard mission reward, if no it gives you the part. But I understand why they won't do that - I'm sure they get a fair number of people who due to RNG just buy the frame for plat that wouldn't if the end was in sight.
  6. tucker_d_dawg

    No operator during teralyst hunt

    Has been a bug that pops up since Poe. Sometimes jumping in water fixes it but more often only a full death WITHOUT your teammates reviving you will fix it Which can be hard since often you can't shortcut self revive (when the bug happens it usually ignores your attempt to press x to self revive) so you are forced to wait for the bleed out timer during which some over enthusiastic teammate revives you and you have to go looking to get killed again
  7. tucker_d_dawg

    Excalibur is equipped main weapon while knocked down

    Happens on xb as well where you won't have your secondary while in bleed out with umbra
  8. tucker_d_dawg

    Tridelon lures and Voms fail to spawn about 50% of the time

    Don't know about PS4 but Xbox spawns are much lower than PC and have been since Poe launch If ghouls event is running it's even worse (as are all spawns like a condocs etc) It's sad how console have less enemies but the same resource requirements On the flip side most sorties like spy and rescue are even more trivial on console due to the dearth of enemies
  9. tucker_d_dawg

    tower white pigment drops

    on XB at least these drop rates are still (post sacrifice update) laughable. runs prior to update: an average of 35 condrocs per run, no doublers. Run 1 30 Min: 15 pigments Run 2 30 Min : 0 pigments Run 3 30 Min: 10 pigments Run 4 30 Min: 0 pigments Runs POST update (WITH drop chance booster from login reward) run 1 45 Minutes: 30 pigments (forgot to check how many condrocs killed) run 2 45 minutes: 20 pigments 46 condrocs 3.5 hours of running in brainless circles from spawn point to spawn point: 75 pigments. Where is the the middle finger emoji? And yet per @[DE]Drew Suffice it to say they are still rare. Lets put thing in perspective: For mortus pink, shadow clan we need 15. That took about 20 minutes of farming. probably too light so ... Shard black - 250 needed. that took 4 casual "tridolon" hunts - two night sessions with two clan members so about 2 hours of playtime. now condroc white: 900 needed clan time spent to date specifically farming this - 10 hours. total collected 100. Kuaka color which spawn at roughly 2x the rate of condrocs - (probably higher - I've never had less than twice as many kuaka parts as condroc parts on a run) only need 15 but conrocs 900? 60 times as much for something that spawns half as often. So if by "working as intended" you mean to annoy, bore, frustrate, and infuriate console players job then well done.
  10. tucker_d_dawg

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.6

    I'm generally disappointed with the minimal number of fixes to the broken ui w/controller. I like all your suggestions but this one - its annoying as it is when the lures decide to take over the action X button when trying to reload or inserting the shard - i can't imagine how bad it would be if they responded from further away. Especially since I don't see mention of them fixing the unable to reload bug resulting in extra "X"'s trying to see if the last attempt at transferrence allows me to reload again
  11. tucker_d_dawg

    Pyrana prime issue

    It can also leave you in an unarmed state if you don't have a primary or melee weapon equipped. Not Everytime but had happened to me a few times as I was levelling it up a few times with do formas Always took a second to realize I wasn't disarmed by a halikar wielding grineer but rather just bugged This was on my xb account
  12. I'd be fine with larger BP's that take more time. 5x the quantity for 5x the time. Especially for 1 minute crafting time items - crafting 5 of those is NOT making people come back the next day to queue up another - its just annoying them for 5 minutes on the same day staring at the progress bar when they'd rather be playing the game. 1+ HOUR crafting times might encourage new sign ons but the short ones just annoy. On the 1 minute items, DE is probably just hoping for the accidental rush to bank that couple of plat from mis-clicks.
  13. tucker_d_dawg

    Set Bonuses make no sense

    I'm not sure how its confusing now - the mod displays two numbers: The mods basic effect - i.e. 24% Ability strength The set bonus: i.e. the TOTAL benefit provided to the user by the SET. Hence the name "Set Bonus" It doesn't say "Mod Bonus for being one of several mods in a set"
  14. tucker_d_dawg

    Petition for 2 Drops per Sortie.

    yeah but 90% of the bounty rewards is true garbage. Do you really want a gara part, or a mod from the sortie? NTY. To maybe make the sortie FEEL more rewarding (without actually BEING that much more rewarding) they could add 1000 kuva/1000 endo/and some other trash to the first and and second sortie. but the drops for rivens is fine and as is IMO.
  15. On Cetus / Public matchmaking but not in squad. Went to hok to buy some stuff after leaving his wares, neither esc nor the start menu on controller would bring up the menu. tried going back into hok and back out but nothing. only way to get menu back was to leave cetus by heading out onto plains (since i couldn't leave cetus via the menu that I couldn't pull up) It was working when i first arrived on cetus since I used it to fast travel to hok in the first place.