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  1. tucker_d_dawg

    Rattleguts Not interacting with Mag's bubble

    Interesting.. in my testing on pc and xbox i can damage enemies in the mag bubble but will never crit even with over 100 crit chance. I had posted this in two different threads with video evidence
  2. tucker_d_dawg

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6

    The community in general likes to run missions as fast as possible, as efficiently as possible to farm as quickly as possible - and this INCLUDES boss fights. And then DE decides to continue to punish players with tedious new boss fights with artificial time gating to defeat. Does no one at DE realize that the power trip fantasy is part of the appeal of Warframe? that we don't want to sit spamming bullets at bullet sponges for 20 minutes? I fear this is the direction melee 3.0 is going to go as well - the idea that we want to flail for two minutes on single targets taking them out one at a time building up heavy charge attacks to finally kill them - when what we want to kill hordes fast in a horde based loot farming game. EDIT TO ADD: All their early nerfs to Eidolons did what exactly? They started nerfing them when people were doing 2x3 captures. And people were doing that with a VARIETY of frames and weapons. Now its down to the usual one or two team composition metas and people are doing 5x3 - but there is no longer any variety. SO the nerfs achieved NOTHING other than to remove player variety and options. and fun. and here we go again with shield disruption, shattering impact etc on the spider - DE is just going down the road of making it so it'll be a single meta that still kills the thing in 2 minutes, but if you don't want to play THAT meta, you suffer for 20+ minutes. You were correct with the below - you just applied it to the wrong line.
  3. tucker_d_dawg

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.1

    I'm sure it is soloable - unfortunately my archwing gun while decent on pc is not great. I'm primarily a console player where my main acct is. i was inaros - never went down - just constantly knocked on my ass. i think the biggest issue i was having was inability to put away archwing gun, melee weapon getting glitched, etc... probably would be easier for me to solo as I was not host and hopefully some of that nonsense would be a non issue.
  4. tucker_d_dawg

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.2

    i timed it the cut scene for b4 is "only" 2 minutes. Plus 1 minute to get back to plains, plus 30 sec conn host lost, plus 30 second to restart cut scene. Again. and again. and again. Again. and again. and again. Again. and again. and again. miserable.
  5. tucker_d_dawg

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.2

    Unable to redeem syndicate marks - makes the noise, but they aren't consumed and no stadning granted.
  6. tucker_d_dawg

    "Arch gun Locked"

    nvm - was trying to change heavy weapon not archwing.
  7. tucker_d_dawg

    "Arch gun Locked"

    cant change archwing weapon - I have the fluctus equipped, own the velocitus (maxed w/catalyst) but can't swap to it in the arsenel. I was able switch to it and back about an hour ago. Now it just says "archgun locked" over the top of it
  8. tucker_d_dawg

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.1

    hmm that might be similar to what happened to me when I tried to use Mag - cast either her 3rd or 4th ability then was unable to use abilities from then on out or do transference.
  9. tucker_d_dawg

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.1

    4 runs of bounty heist 4. All with full squads of MR20+ with good gear. all failed. each time waiting through two minutes of yammering at the start. then 30 min of random archwing shooting by squad until final stage, then timer runs out when entire squad has no archwing guns left and are all mucking around waiting for a cooldown timer. Oh, and the entire time just getting spam knockdowns preventing revives, reloads, ability casts etc. and constantly knocked into streams which prompt a respawn (and cancel of active abilities) and repawn next to an enemy that promptly ragdolls you again. I'm done with it - its simply not enjoyable in the least.
  10. tucker_d_dawg

    Fortuna: The Profit-Taker - Update 24.2

    seriously - a 10 min cooldown when they are required on the bounty? WTF is this exactly - wasted 20 minutes of which the majority of the time I couldn't do anything since I couldn't activate the #@(!@# archgun needed to do the actual fight. gee thanks DE.
  11. tucker_d_dawg

    List of player grievances (please contribute!)

    the transference issue is definitely controller related as kbds don't require pressing additional keys to activate transferrence or other abilities. The bug exists on both PC and XBOX and has existed since the war within quest. The gara issues are bugs - the stopping projectiles was introduced with the arca plasmor rework when initially it was bouncing of objects - they patched that but didn't fix its interaction with gara. the miter bug was introduced at the same time and is probably the result of their copy/pasting code. there are likely other projectile weapons that suffer the same problem but the miter and arca are the only two i frequently use and have direct experience with. This is not an occasional issue - at no time will either projectile pass through her wall. I have posted the issues before either here or in the xbox bugs forum. the gara wall not registering as being cast has always been an issue - it requires not being host and having a slower ping time (generally >100ms). it is definitely lag related. the enemies phasing through her wall has been an issue since her release - i'm sure its hitbox timing the same way enemies used to sometimes ignore vauban's bastille. Its not every enemy - but its easy enough to reproduce just put down the wall as a client and watch the enemies - fairly soon one will just pass through as if the wall wasn't there. while i wish you luck with this thread - the number of long standing bugs is in the hundreds if not thousands. DE rarely addresses/acknowledges reported bugs so you have no idea if you got their attention or not. If I went back through my posts (between this account and my xbox one) alone I could probably find an hundred unpatched bugs. EDIT TO ADD: And i never even bother to post visual bugs like syndanas clipping, heads disappearing, etc...)
  12. tucker_d_dawg

    List of player grievances (please contribute!)

    I'll second the archwing being basically unable to stop moving unless you equip itzal and use invisibility to stop. Even running into objects doesn't stop forward momentum and you'll just bang into it again and again. and again. Advanced mining tool will often not highlight ore/gems in areas that definitely contain them. if you go to tenno and back suddenly it starts working. has been an issue since PoE launch and is still an issue and now applies to the Fortuna mining tool as well. Doesn't matter if you are host or not, or playing solo. Using transference once when not the host and it will often act like you are holding the RB on the controller down so any controller button press results in an ability being cast. Work around is to use transference twice at the start of every mission you are not host - but its annoying nonetheless host migrations still fail. frequently. why doesn't it fall back to us in our own instance and at least give us a chance to finish the mission. host migrations that do "work" often result in fubar'd enemy spawns. if the host leaves during a mobile defense holding the datamass, they often take it out of the mission with them. Caches on bounties often spawn in the underground cave if the objective is above ground and vice versa. this results in an autofail if you are playing solo since the cave entrance is outside the boundry area forcing you to abandon objective trying to get in or out of the cave. (Right side of PoE cave most of the time is the biggest offender but has happened with the left most cave as well.) Gara wall stops friendly projectiles like the miter and the arca plasmor gara wall often doesn't register as being cast when not the host - resulting it the splinterstorm timer not resetting AND it not actually functioning as a wall even though it is visible on your screen. gara wall often doesn't stop enemies from simply walking through it. or perhaps phasing.
  13. tucker_d_dawg

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    Yeah, not so much - kubrodon just spawned on the other side of a huge mountain outcrop (and as a result "in range" is debatable as I thought this was supposedly fixed in a previous hotfix), then immediately ran away.
  14. tucker_d_dawg

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7

    Did you do this by stopping the Toroid drop altogether? Just did 50 minutes @ spaceport desecrating the whole time with level 4 alerts - ~1000 enemies killed - zero Toroids. Good times. Also - no fix for the looting bounty (not sure what its called - the one where you collect credits) having completely random numbers being displayed for the credits collected - goes up, goes down, goes to zero, goes back up - no idea where one stands when doing the bounty.