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  1. tucker_d_dawg

    The New Sword Crafting Cost

    forget the ducats - the forma is stupid. is DE that hard up for forma sales they need to require 5? on a melee weapon at that where you already have the bonus capacity from the stance mod and few weapons benefit from that many forma anyway?
  2. Gara can't shoot the Arca plasmor through her wall. In either direction. Get the angle right and you can get the projectile to curve along the inside edge.
  3. tucker_d_dawg

    Extinct Plains Animals?

    PoE is in general a barren wasteland. Much worse on console than PC. They still spawn on XB, and it helps if you know their exact spawn points, but its miserable. So glad to be done with condroc white there- that was right up there with the most boring miserable farming experience any one in our clan has ever experienced in WF. Running in circles with max equinox - how engaging.
  4. In either direction in or out. If you get the angle just right, you can shoot along the wall and have the projectile curve with the wall. Can shoot around corners if you place the wall just right.
  5. tucker_d_dawg

    POE low frame rate since Chimera

    Never had an issue with PoE running @ 60fps Since Chimera update (I didn't play on plains between the various hotfixes from 23.10 ->23.10.3, now playing on 23.10.3), frame rate is a poor 40FPS down to an unplayable 30fps. 64bit/direct download
  6. Despite the prompts telling you you will keep them. Only option is to sit there and not leave watching your teammates continue for however long. This is worse than being held hostage by trolling teammates in a regular survival for example where at least you can participate. Now you just have to sit there and observe if they continue (which they should -not holding it against the team but against DE for poor design and/or bugs).
  7. tucker_d_dawg

    Sortie Description Text Missing

    was about to post the same.
  8. tucker_d_dawg

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

    Can you clarify the below: I've tried three missions - Defense, Interception, Survival. In the Interception and survival no revives were allowed but in the defense a teammate went down several times and we were allowed to revive him. Bug? (was a defense on Ceres). The defense target was NOT revivable. EDIT to add: I believe each time he had killed himself with the Zarr. Frames were 2 chromas, Gara, and I'm actually not sure which frame he was (not one of the aforementioned)
  9. tucker_d_dawg

    Not Eligible Due to Inactivity????

    Just did 10 rounds on Hydron. I was running and bullet jumping around the entire map the whole time. I was constantly shooting my weapon I was constantly using my abilities I frequently used my operator for zenurik There is no way I could have been MORE active. I did not appear to have a bad connection to the host - game was not lagging and ping times seemed good. and yet I was not eligible for ANY rewards at either 5 or 10 waves - nor did I get the bonus affinity on my weapons. Never had this happen before these last updates (23.10.xxx)
  10. tucker_d_dawg

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.1

    Yeah about this. Launcher crashes - have restarted pc etc... starts doing verifying cache - gets about 10% done then bam - exits. Direct download (not steam)
  11. tucker_d_dawg

    Tips for soloing ESO?

    I've solo'd eso many times - it is highly dependent on a particular weeks map. Most of them are doable but occasionally there are just bad tiles that are too big and enemies won't path to you. Frames I've used to solo through wave 8: Saryn Mag Volt Oberon Haven't really tried any others.
  12. tucker_d_dawg

    MR 24 Test bugged - AMPS

    You are not supposed to be able to use advanced amps, however if you allow yourself to get killed, you are able to use the new amps - trivializing the test.
  13. tucker_d_dawg

    Sortie Plains Free Roam Bug

    This has been an issue with Sortie's on PoE since sorties were put on PoE. Always have to keep restarting mission until you get a different location/mission.
  14. tucker_d_dawg

    sortie door stuck POE exterminate

    Same - had to restart the mission 4 times until got a different mission set. The exterminate was in the cave by geyser pond and the door would never open (although it was green)
  15. tucker_d_dawg

    Thralls .. after duration wears off..

    So thralls are not effected by Warframe abilities which is fine when they are a thrall. But if the duration wears off and they go back to being a regular enemy they are still not effected by abilities. Once they resume their normal behavior of being an enemy and are not marked in any way, they should be effected by abilities.