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Nyx's Pacifying Bolts Augment and Absorb


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So, currently, enemies that are hit by this ability with the augment are stunned for a duration. That's lazy. She already has enough CC. What that ability could use (especially with this rework) is a spread mechanic. With the augment equipped, allow her debuff to spread in a small aoe from the targets that die after being marked. Psychic Burst perhaps.


Absorb is trash. Like seriously. I love this ability, but it is not useful at all. I think it needs a damage and range multiplier based off of how many enemies are affected but her CC. This damage multiplier also mulitplier how much damage she can intake before energy is consumed. Increase in the base passive damage increase as well. This will allow her damage to ramp up quickly without waiting for our entire energy bar to deplete. This could even synergize with Chaos Sphere. Enemies that enter simply increase the radius more.

In conclusion, I feel that Nyx has great CC, and all she needs is a real powerful damaging ability like what Absorb is suppose to be. Someone else stated this, but Absorb should be a built up [nuke]. Not a slow time bomb that just knocks enemies down above lvl 40. She has a damaging ability for an Ultimate. Let it do real damage as well as allow it to build up near the pace of the rest of the game. Nova is a great CC/damage frame, and that's with just 1 ability. Nyx should be too. Now that you've given her the debuff on her 2, building negative powerstrength isn't really smart anymore, so with that in mind you could boost her 4 so that it's all useful with this rework.

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Pacifying Bolts was one of her best augments next to Assimilate. One could argue you didn't need Assimilate if you used Pacifying Bolts.

I said was because it's been butchered by her inability to spam Bolts. the lack of Disarm and even a new bug which causes the Stun duration to end when Chaos ends regardless of how much time you had left on the Stun. The Rad proc being removed also made it less safe to use as touch up CC during a Chaos.

Sadly she's far worse as a CC frame than she used to be and currently I'd take a total revert over what we have.

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