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Staticor and Simulor's Fire FX


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Staticor and Simulor have been tweaked and now their projectiles burst with a bright sphere FX, but I think DEs had not considered multishots that one of the most popular moding.
even they made Simulors' triggers to active, their projectiles make my eyes sore when spamming fire.

I've tried with changing their energy color black, their FX still bright with a projection of the world-- a graphic something like wallpaper outside of the stage where you are, usually they represent skies.
and when I fire Staticor or Simulor with Mirage's Hall of Mirrors, dozens of sphere FX overload my PC and the frame rate goes shrink, the CPU is Ryzen 7, GPU is GTX1070, NVMe SSDs.

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I have to agree here. After using the Staticor for the past few days my eyes are killing me. Its not the initial explosion, its the secondary smaller one within the blast. I also chose black as my color but the secondary blast remains bright blue regardless. Maybe remove the secondary blast effect or let the color be the same as the energy color. I've turned down my Bloom settings as well but its still bad.

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It's now being used to troll players, people are making the weapon energy the brightest most obnoxious colours possible then constantly firing at or around the rest of the group.

It's basically blinding...

This is an example with the synod simulor.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/rjgbvpvcntvycr6/synod white.jpg?dl=0

This is not the worst example I have seen.

That was in a group with 2  players firing simulors,  both using an ultra-bright Yellow which meant the other 2 of us could not see anything for most of the session

This was just ONE person, constantly firing .a simulor using a slightly less bright but still as obnoxious bright white.

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I ran into this today. It's so jarring and immersion breaking. Not to mention utterly blinding. After seeing that, I would be fine with them putting self damage back onto it.

The entire lighting system in this game is really messed up. Not counting just the weapons, there are several areas in the game that are so dark I can't see anything. Enrichment Labs comes to mind. /sigh

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