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Bug: Mods on my Imperator in Archgun slot, apparently applying to my Imperator Vandal in Heavy weapon slot.


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So, I had Imperator equipped as my Archwing gun, I went to mod my Imperator Vandal which I just finished building.


Saw these abnormal stats, which are definitely not Imperator Vandal's base stats.


The mods stacked.

Tested in Simulacrum.

Stats from Imperator's mods do not apply to Imperator Vandal's actual damage.......unfortunately.

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I can confirm this issue.

This also happens with Fluctus.

This only happens when the same Archgun equipped in both Space Archgun and Heavy Weapon, except Imperator affected to Imperator Vandal.

Space Archgun and Heavy Weapon configs are mixed together.

Imperator affects Imperator Vandal, but not in reverse.

So, You tested damage output? UI bug only? no actual effect?


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Happened to me too with Fluctus. It also gave extra damage stats when I made another Config (config B) for Fluctus as heavy weapon. Didn't test if the second config deals more damage than the first, testing soon.

Tested and there seemed to be no difference in damage to the first config, so I guess it's just a cosmetical stat bug.

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