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Titania Cast Animations


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So, with the recent buffs to Titania, I have been loving her to a higher degree. Titania has always been a frame that, while not 'Meta', is a fun turn to with her silly CC and Razorwing form. One thing that hurts her, however, is the fluidity of casting abilities and how she's locked into stiff cast animations. These cast animations make her easy to punish in higher level content, where a few stray bullets rip through the tiny amounts of shields and health she has. Many abilities that have rooting/stiff animations can be cast in the middle of a jump, and these can as well. However, some of these abilities are those such as Nova's M Prime, Equinox's Mend & Maim, and the like. The are abilities that (usually) only need to be cast once every few moments because of the range and impact they impart. Titania, on the other hand, has this for every skill she casts, and this includes scattering a small handful of enemies in a flash of butterflies. Within the same breath of Titania's updates, Nyx also received an update as well, including the ability to move while casting her 1st ability. Titania not receiving the same update, while not insulting or anything, seems slightly odd. I don't think that Titania should become like Vauban who's whole kit is treated as 1 handed abilities, but mobility while casting at least the 1 & 2, abilities she casts with moderate frequency, would be very nice. 

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