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Ocucor Status Chance


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The Ocucor, as a beam weapon, should register more Status chance with rate of fire mods, however, it does not. If it is not a beam weapon, then it should benefit from Multishot increasing Status chance, which it does not. I'd say "fix it" but I'm not sure what was really intended for this weapon. It's brand new but already needs some love.

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beam weapons got reworked a long while ago. They no longer do status/sec, it's status per shot now. So the weird fire rate and status chance interaction is no longer a thing. Beams have real status chance now, and they're far better at applying status as a result. Multishot's interaction with beam weapons is different too. it's just a damage increase now because it doesn't cause more beams to come out of the gun (thus, no more status from more shots coming out, as there are no more shots coming out).

here's the patch notes from almost a year ago:

ocucor has beastly status application (if you build for it, ofc. which you should). it can strip armor and melt bombards extremely well. The way beam weapons worked in the past is no longer a thing, and hasn't been for a long time.

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