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my Thought on Limbo


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im gonna be straight with y'all....i'm not really a fan of Limbo  (yes i'm also played Limbo) but there are alot of problem with this warframe when come to harm than good.


_ Defense mission: is good but barely contribute much for clearing enemies to proceed to the next round faster. he is just sorta there to slow enemies...that is...SLOW enemies...in a game where fast pace is main focus point.

_ Interception Mission: good if u get a range Limbo player who stop enemies for the round to finish itself, bad...if he spam his first abilities making enemies into the rift that we can't kill when they interact with the console.

_ Rescue: banish the hostage, very good.

_ Spy: semi-good as he can by-pass laser.

_ Excavation: good for protecting those level 1 Drills.

_ revive team mate: yes very good....but Operators Exist.


_ Extermination mission: do i even have to explain this? it kinda obvious 
_ dealing damage

_ mostly used by people who has no idea how his kits are meant for.

_ Boss mission: if you bring limbo to this mission....ok...but why?

_ way too confused for new players, one time i has to ask a player (who is actually listened) to stop using limbo abilities because he just making the defense mission last even longer than it should. so he just sit there killing anything that is possible without using abilities (which is a down side because we use warframes for their abilities and Limbo abilities are limited)


conclusion: Limbo kits is kinda bad....he is a bad warframe that is very hard to change or rework him to fit in Warframe, he requires communication with team but i dont think that gonna be a thing

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As someone with... a lot of time on Limbo, I have some issues with this. Specifically, the lack of understanding of just how versatile his kit can actually be, and the notion that because he can be a nuisance with lower-skill players it's fundamentally bad - not counting players with more experience using his powers.

Whilst, yes, Limbo's kit is not that great for exterminate (I can hardly deny that), Limbo's actually a good pick for several bosses. Which is helpful, as especially with OV and Plague Star, more boss encounters have started showing up. And Limbo's stasis can freeze their bullets and the hordes of enemies around the player, which dramatically reduces the number of threats, provided you move just before stasis ends (otherwise all the projectiles fired will hit you at once.). The rift can also assist in dodging, as the majority of attacks will be ignored. Combine that with the Rift Surge Augment and Limbo, depending on the fight, can range from an 'Ok' pick as you suggest to one of the top: His DPS can outshine Umbral Chroma against the Hemocyte due to just how many infested show up. I'm talking 1000-1500% damage buff at times. It's nuts. This can show up in some other fights as well, but that's the main one. It's best done solo since you want to keep as many enemies around as possible, so it's understandable that you've not encountered this.

As for Defense, you seem to only been teamed with max-range Limbo. A lot of more experienced Limbo's will actually suggest less range to keep the mission flowing - believe it or not a lot of Limbo's are quite fond of fun gameplay as well, and killing things on the edge of the map isn't very fun for most people. And, yes, he's great at interception, excavation or any kind of escort mission - including drones in the Eidolon fight. He's a viable alternative to Trinity for that, and in a team specialised around fighting the Eidolon, can prevent it from healing before the last phase entirely, making one-shotting it even more ludicrously easy than it already is. And bypassing lasers is relevant outside spy missions - he can pretty much bypass any kind of defense short of a nullifier, which is far from exclusive to him but a nice bonus as it gives Limbo more room to manoeuvre and allows him the ability to travel more or less unimpeded 

Also, rifted enemies can't interact with the console. Even if the Limbo was banishing at random, that shouldn't have caused a loss of a point. This is actually one of the few abilities that can do this, as a lot of other CC's don't cancel the animation for god knows what reason - this means Limbo can save a point at range by placing down and bursting a cataclysm to give teammates a few extra seconds. Plus, whilst operators can revive Limbo in a similar capacity, Limbo doesn't need to faff around with transference, which usually doesn't matter but sometimes things are down to the wire and every second counts (either due to low time left to revive or just other matters), in which case not needing to spend time jumping out of your frame and getting into position in void mode is a godsend. As you've probably been able to gather... Limbo's got a lot of tricks that aren't immediately obvious

All in all, Limbo can have access to near-free map-wide movement in the vein of frames like Zephyr via being able to ignore the majority of hazards in his way, which he can grant to other players and NPC's to a degree, a defensive barrier like Gara or Frost, the ability to diffuse a tight situation like Vauban or Nidus and the ability to limit the offensive capabilities of bosses, and unlike the above frames you typically have access to any of these applications on the fly and can rapidly switch between them as needed. Limbo's abilities aren't limited, they're different. Limbo is built entirely around the rift, and how good you are with him is entirely dependent on how well you can manipulate that mechanic to your. Whilst Limbo flourishes best with communication with the team the same could be said for most frames at the end of the day. In the same way, ultimately he doesn't need it any more than other frames, just a little bit of consideration for others and a healthy dose of game sense.

He's not without flaws, of course. He can be cheesy as hell especially against Grineer, so I hope they further refine the trend set by OV and add more enemies like Hyenas into regular gameplay to deal with his typical cheese strats) and a frame with a higher skill floor to play aspects of play should have more opportunities to practice and learn in an environment where you can't hurt others. But these problems don't change the fact that Limbo's among the most versatile frames in the game right now.

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2 hours ago, ZzVinniezZ said:

Spy: semi-good as he can by-pass laser.

And freeze everything in the room. Itd rank it as god tier.


2 hours ago, ZzVinniezZ said:

Boss mission: if you bring limbo to this mission....ok...but why?

Limbos stasis can encapsulate a boss still rendering it to damage while stopping most boss projectiles and not his own.


Go fight kala de thayme for example. 


2 hours ago, ZzVinniezZ said:

Extermination mission: do i even have to explain this? it kinda obvious 

Max range + rift torrent 

2 hours ago, ZzVinniezZ said:


You have no idea what youre talking about.


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Well since they changed a lot of his kit to be less annoying, I can tolerate Limbo now. He is rather useful in defensive missions, and combined with stasis makes a good substitute for Frost. But the Limbo needs to know what they are doing and choose the right build for the right situation, or they wind up doing more harm than good.

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