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Inaros mission bug


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2 hours ago, (PS4)JCelmaestro7 said:

Hello, I think I have a bug with the quest of inaros. I need to refill the vessel with deaths. I need to kill infested runners but the level on the vessel don't rise. Can anyone help me, please?

Infested runners? are you talking about juggernauts? post a pic or ss of your vessel and i'll see what this is about.

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25 minutes ago, (PS4)JCelmaestro7 said:

That's the symbol for Volatile Runners specifically, which are the orange ones that run up to you and explode. If I had to guess, it likely only counts progress if you get the killing blow yourself and does not count progress if they die of their own accord. If there is still an issue filling the vessel then the quest may indeed be bugged. I'm currently helping a friend through this quest but he did not get the Volatile Runner as his target so I can't confirm anything further at this time. Hope this helped in some way though.


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