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Nvidia Geforce F2P Bundle


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LadyScootaloo, on 12 Sept 2013 - 3:08 PM, said:

I was planning on building a new pc(still budgeted) with the 650ti/660ti, but is this valid in every country?

Countries listed at the bottom.

Thanks for the share. It doesn't say if 650ti or 660ti are qualified, but this is still helpful.

Why not the GTX 760 instead? faster and the same price (if not cheaper).
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$500 for a new card so i can get $20 worth of plat..... yes please..... o.0


Actually, 650 model cards are around $120-$200. You're also getting closer to $25 in plat for Warframe. If this is anything like their last promo, you'll also get $25 in Neverwinter and $25 in Marvel Heroes.


This means that if you buy a $200 one, you're paying around $125 for a decent graphics card and $75 for currency in 3 games. If you're smart enough, you can trade those Neverwinter and Marvel Heroes codes for the Warframe codes that some people won't want.


It ends up being an amazing deal for people who play at least one of the games and need a new graphics card.

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