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The Rng Gods Have Blessed Me Today...


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I just wanted to share, since i'm so happy:D 


I got all components and BP's of Frost Prime and Reaper Prime, all in one day...




Praise the RNG gods, now I look forward to months getting weapon and Warframe XP from the daily rewards; and tons of Slash Dash mods :)))

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did you get the frost prime warframe blueprint? thats what you should be cheering for xP

Yup^^ I have the BP, I got the Frost Prime systems last:D




Praise the RNG Gods, I got Barrel Diffusion from a transmutation.

You offered four sacrifices and they rewarded you:))


Dat, plat.... (jking)



lol. Thanks:D

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Well, i'm not complaining. The same Nightmare mission droped me Blaze and Focus Energy. The same day, vor dropped retribution.


And tons, TONS, of nanospores.

Now you're exaggerating, not Tons, thousands mebbe, which only weigh a few grams, but not Tons.

Funny you should mention Nanospores, I've a complaint about Nanospores specifically.

Nope....I take it back, I just checked and I don't have a complaint about them. When I checked them last I had 999,999 nanospores ands I thought, thatx the maximum, I can't get any more, that's the limit of the counter. However I checked them again today and I have well over a Million of them now. Trouble is, I don't know what I'm going to do with them all. It's the same with all the Blue Prints, it's a real PITA to sell a lot of them, because the process is so long winded. It's ok if you have 20 or 30, but if you have 100s, it's not so easy. I don't even bother any more.

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