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What Boss Would You Like To Be Updated Next?


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So far the bosses that are lacking are:


Councilor Vay Hek

General Sargas Ruk

Kela De Thaym

Tyl Regor




Sgt. Nef Anyo






Personally, I'd like to see Nef Anyo get reworked because he is currently the easiest boss in my opinion.

What about you guys?

(Wish I could make a poll...)

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I'd like to see a unique boss for Phobos. Maybe, seeing as its on a moon, some kind of Grineer tank.


I like to think of fighting something like a Devil Walker from Destiny, because that just looks like a Grineer tank to begin with.


That would be so AWESOME.


Like the target is some sort of Grineer war hero in charge of expedition on Phobos. And when you find him he's standing on top of this massive tank and hops in.


U gon be all like wellllll shiiiiiiiiiii

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Tyl "Double Rainbow" Regor please!


I've been fighting this guy for a week now (drop Ash systems you great dirty b!) so I felt the need to draw my interpretation.

Tyl Regor is fabu. Therefore he has a fancy robe and low heels. Seriously, I love how camp he comes across and I hope they keep it when he gets an update.

He's close to reversing the effects of clone degradation on his people and has used himself as a guinea pig. It's not perfect yet so he's still wrinkly and has some discoloured patches of skin.

Boss fight stage one!


Tyl is described as having the best in Grineer offensive and defensive technologies, so he wields an experimental Grineer Plasmar rifle.

He also has a ridiculously powerful shield. Although it can be hammered through with enough raw damage, you can shoot the unstable Plasmar till it explodes, crashing Tyl's shields and starting phase 2.

Stage 2!


When his overshields go down, Tyl throws his gun aside and rips off his cloak. Alternatively, if his Plasmar is destroyed his cloak catches fire and burns away

He then activates his knockoff Ash skills, gaining a speed boost, arm blades for melee attacks and the low cap fast recharge shields he has ingame right now. He will throw smokebombs all over the place to restrict vision and can teleport, which he uses to get into melee and arm blade the crap out of Tenno.

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Nef Anyo, my first attempt i joined randoms who killed him before i arrived, on the second run, I arrived before, but never actually saw him, just a bunch of shooting and then a command to get to extraction.


I decided to solo him today, and then promptly beat him to death with my furax, with no understanding of what he even looked like I soloed him, he needs a buff.

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