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New Ui Looks Like Crap


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I really don't get it how you can find generic android/microsoft UI better then old original UI. I just don't.


Because people have different opinions than yours?


This new UI's style is minimalistic, but focuses on showcasing your frame more than the UI itself. It was cluttered as hell - now it's clean, kept, and slick.


Not everything needs to be big and flashy and overly complicated.The old UI was far more complex and confusing than this one. I have a few friends who started playing this game recently that would back this up. We, as players who have gotten used to the old UI, don't realize how not user-friendly it was.


There are things to complain about in this update. But the new UI definitely isn't one. Remember, when it comes to a user interface, it's Function over Form. And even then, it still looks good.

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Yep, it has better functionality, but has absolutely no style. It's the same UI you can see on cheap android apps...previous UI had much better design. Why did you change it? We ask for functionality, not redesign.


If I ever meet you in real life, ever, im going to punch your face.


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