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Sharing Mods - Quitting Game


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Since when we get patch notes faster than updates? 

Even if they come faster they come few minutes before update itself + there is no time announced when the patch notes or patch itself is coming. All you have to do is take a wild guess. 

For me - i was up till 1 am (my time) from friday -> saturday. I was tired as S#&$ - no patch notes, no update - so i went to sleep. When i woke up update was there, with patch notes. So in the OP's (Original Poster's) it could be similar - he couldn't see patch notes coming - he couldn't predict that his equipped duplicates on sentinel and weapon would be erased or would show up as one equipped on both. 

We don't but this was announced in the update's patch notes that allowed you to use mods on weapons and sentinel weapons at the same time. It said it would be changed in the future and you should not sell your duplicate mods.


Anyway, I think this is moot. Their support team is very generous and helpful. I could see them rollbacking back the mods he sold.

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