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Core and shard drops from Ropalolyst


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Hey there, 

We had a general discussion regarding this and I believe the response was mostly for wanting it with some concerns about it being a means to farm the cores. (you can go through the actual discussion below) which are not really going to affect the tridolon hunts. 

As per what was discussed, it is clear, at least something should be dropping from the ropalolyst.


2 Exceptional core (one per synovia broken) 

Nice to have:

Something that is an eidolon shard equivalent. (call it a molten shard or something to fit with the lore) that would function similar to the synthetic shard. 


Unless there are some usable resources there is little to no incentive to go back to the fight once you get all the wisp parts and mods. 

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Additional details of original discussion
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You can get more sentient cores by spam-running the capture node on Jupiter and killing the Oculysts in the "hidden" rooms than you do by running the ropalooooeleplyst. 

It's stupid. As I've said in other threads, the only reason to run this "boss" is for Wisp and a bit of a lore update.

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