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Arbitration Balance


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On 2019-06-05 at 4:14 AM, AreeSoothsayer said:

What is up with the weapon and warframe choices?

It is the nature of the game mode, which is highly exclusive and favors only selected few Warframes and weapons archetypes, due to Arbitration drones in combinations with 1 life scenario. The worst game mode in the game, since it cuts the middle man and turnes already overused meta gear into obvious and supperior choice.

Drones, or ability immunity they provide protect enemies from abilities. A squishy Frames like Ember or Vauban rely on their abilities, which affect enemies, to survive. As such, an ability immune enemy squad is several times more dangerous for them. Caster Frames are at a huge disadvanatage. Gara, Rhino or Inaros do not care about drones, since they self-buff themselves and do not get dispelled or affected by ability canceling.
This issue spreads further to buffer/debuffer abilities. Banshee can provide a tremendous damage boost, however she is at disadvantage, because her Sonar is a debuff ability and can be negetad by a drone. On the other hand, Rhino buffs his teammates and remains entirely untouched by Arbitration drones.

As Arbitration drones make affected enemies immune to damage, and thus turn them into an immortal shields, weapons with infinite punch through like Ignis, Plasmor or Catchmoon are more effective to kill those pesky drones quickly.

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