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  1. I've recently been fiddling with the Velocitus to try for a mech killer weapon. When listing to the shots they just didn't sound 'right' for a rail gun. So I looked about and found videos of a railgun being fired Why doesn't the Velocitus sound like this?
  2. The targetting reticule blends into the scenery alot of the time. Could you make it recolorable, perhaps some options to change how it works. I'd kinda like it more animated. It's a combat machine but it doesn't have a targetting computer to highlight the aggressive infested in the infested world that they can blend into. I'm kinda surprised that DE didn't make an infested that can swim through the world like a shark. Just no warning then (chomp) "Ack!"
  3. Please allow us to change or turn off chat fade out. I have utterly lost count of how many messages I have missed in game because I was involved in fighting and didn't notice the words in the short time it was visible.
  4. You mean like an endless exterminate that has a spawn multiplier the more you kill the larger and larger groups of enemies come for you. =3
  5. I know. I go in and do it every so often. When I like the mission type/planet combination.
  6. Just thought I would share my play style here. Warframe is really easy, with all those lives you get to use. So I play as if I have only one life. If I turn DEAD then I extract. I actually enjoyed back when you had limited Daily revives per Warframe. Gave ya a reason to have more than one favorite frame to play. (Although being a pack rat and loot collector I will continue playing if something epic or a mountainload of loot would be lost but I would extract solo if possible.)
  7. I've been watching over the arcanes. I just now watched one of those Infested Disruptors send out a tendril and instantly over 200 energy snapped down to 0 as the entire duration of energy draining proc's happened in a split instant. Basically the enemy version of a Critical Proc dealing massive energy drain in a moment.
  8. Too bad Sense Danger wasn't an evasion mod that triggered for the Kavat. Allowing it to dodge all incoming damage for a short duration.
  9. Turn speed. Spin camera to aim behind, hold right mouse button. VWOOP. Instant 180. IT's a heavy machine of solid metal. NOt infested flesh. Not cloned flesh. Not even a light and agile Moa that can race across the ground. IT should take time to turn. For player AND enemy. It's not funny at all to take a potshot at the glowing spot on the back then instantly get a facefull of laser and landmines.
  10. I was curious. Would Power Donation reduce the power skills of the Mecha. It is separate from the warframe. Another player type sorta. So it should increase power Str abilities. I Was Correct. Dunno how long it will last but if you want more oomph from your Mecha. Toss a frame with Power Donation into the mix.
  11. Not anymore. Once I was told that power color affects beginning form I turned it pink and no longer need her 1 and wast beginning energy doing it. Course my build doesn't have effiency so it's very situational that I use it at all.
  12. PoE, Orb Valis, Cambion Drift. Everytime they come out the bug where EVERYONE ELSE loses all their gains when the host bails in the mission is there. EVERY SINGLE TIME It's been years. It's a known bug. People still do it. They leave in the middle of a mission. Sure life happens. They are in the exit point. People are moving to the exit point. HOST MIGRATION. Because they cannot wait 60s. 3 people lose an hours work. There should be a punishment for this toxic behavoir.
  13. I just did the Sortie 2 open world on Earth entirely inside my MEcha but at the end none of my Mecha parts got affinity, well they were not shown at the end page.
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