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  1. First, this is my RJ stats. I can run earth solo easy enough. However Staturn and above gets too busy. Boarding parties, repairs, clouds of fighters and incoming cannon fire from Grineer warships. Soon as I get the emergency breach I have to repair. This leaves my Railjack sitting dead in space as it gets pounded on. Then replenishing stores ad munitions. Not everyone can dart around like a hummingbird with a can of red bull. Having point defense for a short range to fire at incoming missles and fighters that get too close, well I would not say no. In fact if it was a system to join the Shield generator, Reactor and Engines allowing some variety. Each type having General, Anti- Ship focus, or anti-missle focus. Hell, could have one that focuses on taking out those boarding parties before they can punch a hole in my ship would be awesome. I figure the Command setup they will add will let a person have a Lich as crew.. I'm kinda hoping I can have some of my pets as boarding defense. =P Incoming Grineer boarders... SET LOOSE THE KUBROWS OF WAR!! 🦊
  2. This has happened off and on for months. I'll be fighting and suddenly a message pops up telling me my pet is DEAD. There's no countdown timer. No reduction in health overall since I am usually using melee to wreck things. The most recent time I watched a Kuva guardian fly through the air and slam that polearm down on my Kavat and she just dissolved.
  3. 98 Kubrow Chesa Stickypaws. 99 Smeeta Kavat Azure, Now the 100th pet will be the first Kubrow I will hatch with the upcoming random head and tail features.
  4. Since the new lich stuff was added those, already annoying, nullfiers have a new trick. If you popp their bubble it will immediately, IMMEDIATELY, repop with a 1s cannot-make-it-shrink bubble. If you have a power defence like Gara or Atlas then 20% of the time they will bumrush the object.
  5. Any Lich with Radiation. Toxin with Radiation skills. Radiation with any weapon having radiation damage. ANY Lich with Nukor. >..<
  6. The Anomoly ship. Just like rare corpus and grineer containers it is rare as all hell. I keep looking but no luck.
  7. I have Always wanted to know how much damage my pets do. However there was not a way to see as far as I knew. Then I saw the hunter recovery un-endoed. It starts at 5% but one dot brings it up to 10%... perfect for seeing how much damage a pet can do. I dragged my Chesa into the simulator room and dropped a heavy gunner level 110. As inaros I charged his armor, losing health then set my pup on her. One bite and my health went up 1k... another 1k.. another 1k.. the heavy had slammed and dropped my pup so it wasn't attacking. I was being healed by the slash proc my pup had delivered. So status effects that deal damage will heal you if your pet has done it with Hunter Recovery equipped.
  8. It seems if you press directional buttons one after another in rapid motion it takes it like you pressed the last button twice fast. You dodge a mob like the shield grineer by juking left then pressing foreward to attack him from behind and suddenly you're rolling foreward giving him plenty of time to turn and face you again. Pressing foreward then hitting left or right on purpose or accidently will do the same thing. It counts both as the same button and off you are rolling, even when you do not want to.
  9. I've had Kuva clouds spawn inside of walls and rock walls. Could only fix it with a host migration.
  10. The range the kuva cloud needs a Minimum it cannot spawn in. I've watched it spawn right on top of the Pump several times.
  11. That is exaclty how I thought it would work when I heard about the Primed version. I was Severely disappointed.
  12. I had just finished an earth spy mission and when I look out my windows when I get back in my Orbiter... where am I?
  13. And then, you get used to the new button.
  14. Made a video. Showing how it currently works and a gimmick to make it work like it SHOULD!
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