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  1. Oh please, a tail ephemera. Cat tails. Dragon taills. Infested tails. Dog tails. They won't get in the way like wings do and well I have a Khora look that is just begging for a kitty tail.
  2. I recently paid attention to the new arcanes and found out about the pet buffs. I have makes ranks on both. Here's the problem. Sometimes they work just as they should. Then other times there is no interaction at all. Either I will run into the Infectious Boil and gain stacks of pet damage buffing or nothing at all will happen. I have been watching but I cannot see any reason for it to not happen.
  3. Infested, Defence, Corpus ice planet tile set. So far today I've had Vitus missions on the same tileset. The npc, both times, suddenly vanished from the map and the mission failed around the 15m mark.
  4. I checked that. I was wearing headphones even.
  5. Okay, this has been going on a long time. Why do the alarms go off all over when someone is capping a tower? I keep getting my own tower lost because I didn't see the one enemy around the corner and have grown used to other towers ringing their alarms in my ears. It's very, VERY, annoying.
  6. AHAHAHAHAHA I'll remember that next time I want to fire and single bullet and end up using 2 or even 3 because of latency./
  7. I'll have to agree to dissaggree on that but everyone has their own playstyle. Such a minor slowdown to fire rate allows me far more accurate control over my weapons.
  8. A Primed mod, the epitome of power enhancement. Second only to Umbra mods. Primed Pistol Gambit: 187% crit chance Creeping Bullseye: 200%, -20% fire rate Not only that, the primed is 12 cost, CB is only 9
  9. AreeSoothsayer


    Ya know, they've been around a while. You would think that the grips would say if they were primary or secondary by now. =(
  10. Before their 'fix' I could get a decent chance of a holokey drop to get the weapons. Since then I have almost done a dozen runs and never seen a single drop. Others have spoken of this as well. Doesn't matter if you get more when it drops if it drops far, far less.
  11. Venari's 3 skills are instead replaced by boosting her base stats. Power Str is used to convert a % of Melee Damage, Health, Armor, Shields, and Range. Health, Armor and Shields are taken from the Warframe, Melee Damage and Melee range are taken from the equipped Melee weapon.
  12. Man they didn't fix how the wing webbing floats in the air away from the back.
  13. Certain Grineer crewships are protected by shields that have those reactors on the outside.
  14. I just got an Elite Crew Member, the person has +150% for Crit Chance to Rifle. How does that work? Takes the base crit % and boosts it by 150%, adding that to the overall crit of the weapon. Is that for RJ missions only or for regular missions too? Both. If regular missions, do I have to call the member to get the benefit or not. It does not benefit you, only the primary weapon the crewmember is using,. Do I have to equip the crew member or just have the crew member? See above. Is the trait for the crew member only? See above. My crew member contact was to end in 3m and then I see it went to 11m, what does this mean? My regular crew has about 60d. I assumed at first 60 days for their contract to end, but seeing the 3m I was thinking 3 min and now seeing 11m, I have no clue. Shows how long you have had your Crewmember.
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