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  1. AreeSoothsayer

    What is the most annoying enemy in WF?

    I see alot of annoying guys but there is one that irritates me to no end. Grineer heavies. That ground slam has several IRRITATING traits. Can't be stopped. If you stagger, stun or even kill them the slam WILL HAPPEN. Another thing that has to be a bug, if you are aimgliding over one to keep from being knocked down, you will get knocked out of the air. Rarely it happens if you are jumping over them and not even aim gliding.
  2. AreeSoothsayer

    Optimize install question

    It asks for 18g of space to work and I only have 2g of free space.
  3. AreeSoothsayer

    Optimize install question

    I don't have the room on the drive to do it.
  4. AreeSoothsayer

    Optimize install question

    How do I get it to stop asking? I have it on an SSD and don't need the loss of lifetime such a thing entails plus not enough space to actually do it. XD
  5. AreeSoothsayer

    Companions: They just can't keep up

    My favorite frames are all, what I call, pet builds. Highest Defence and health I can get, running melee only so they are constantly healed, ect. Even then, the lighter armored frames will still get downed pets.
  6. AreeSoothsayer

    Companions: They just can't keep up

    I, and probably many others, see it all the time. Companions going down because the player they are with rushes through alerting everything and when they come up at companion speed they are hit with alot of incoming fire. Then there's the "oop too far behind, need to teleport" stop and several second wait before it poofs. I'm not a bullet jumper, I run most of the time with the speed boost my Venari gives me, but even without that my pets are left behind when I run through and I have to turn around and rez them... 70-150 yards behind me. They are just too slow. They either need a speed boost given directly to them, a mod that increases their speed, or (the one I want) their movement abilities revamped in the upcoming Pet 2.0 So they can do bullet jump like things and keep within 10-15m of their player when they are moving.
  7. AreeSoothsayer

    Sortie: Headshots

    Yea, the only way to kill the enemy in this sortie is to hit them in the head.
  8. AreeSoothsayer

    Toggle-able flashlight

    I've posted this in feedback already.
  9. I really wish they had made this warframe instead of stealing a few ideas from it and making Nidus.
  10. AreeSoothsayer

    Is this shield bug known?

    He stated they went to unmodded values.
  11. AreeSoothsayer

    The Mail... that won't delete

    Got the tennobaum mail and it will not go away no matter how many times I delete it.
  12. AreeSoothsayer

    Unskippable Arrival Cinematic

    When I join a party last, going into the mission the cinematic plays and no matter how many times I tell it to skip it plays through and I am left way behind the others in the mission.
  13. AreeSoothsayer


    We have mecha. Imagine a Flashlight mod you can put in your Sentinal or Moa. Lights on the proper guns, not all of them. I just do see a Synapse with a light installed. XD The elemental effects on melee weapons, some of the elements, could generate a torch like aoe light. Don't want it, sheath it.
  14. AreeSoothsayer

    Sortie Enviormental Effects

    Radiation, Magnetic, Damage. All the effects from Radiation storm, Hive destruction. Invisible. Only reason you would know they are there is when you hit one and got rad, mag, proced or damaged.
  15. AreeSoothsayer

    daily standing problem on fortuna and cetus

    I was enjoying fortuna. Loving it. I saw Garuda was tied to RNg, I bought her. Wanted to focus on raising my rank so I could get more stuff. I did build one Moa. Ran into the cap, ah well. Focused on maxing my little Moa, had fun doing it, so I bought another Moa on the daily. Decided what the hell and snagged a kitgun on the daily. Paid for this by selling my Sculptures after finding out about the Floofs. I hit Rank 2, my Moa I built was Max by this time. TIME! TO! GILD! <denied> Must be Rank 3 <denied> That felt so unfair, I regretted spending plat buying the other Moa and Kitgun. Moa weapons max rank, gilding rank 3, I wasn't expecting it. I knew to get max would take a few months at MR 16 but... Fortuna had a shiny front, behind the front... ew. I thank the Maker of the Conservation, if Floofs had been locked behind Rank I would have tableflipped. It's the only thing that wasn't dissapointing.