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  1. I had forgotten, well not forgotten entirely, just thought it was gonna be next week. Was saving creds for Kuva, hoping it would be there the last week.
  2. Ever since I saw Kuva in the shop I saved credits. Waiting for it to show up again. Week after week. It never did. I forgot today was the end, I was hoping the next cycle, that I thought was the last week, would have Kuva in the list. Nope. AUGH!!
  3. Honestly, I wish the base stats of the pets was stronger than it is right now. *shrug*
  4. Well DNA integrity not only gives a health bonus off the base health but also increases the amount of health the Shepards Aura gives. 100% basically doubles it.
  5. Had an idea and popped in wave 3.5 since there was only one combat stance.
  6. What he is talking about is how ALL your pets will be available at all times. So you can have a Smeeta with your Nekros. A Helminth Charger with your Nidus. At the same time. Switching frames will switch active pets without having to freeze and thaw them.
  7. If you want to know their stats in space? No problem. You want to know their stats on the ground. Whoops, nothing but a blank panel showing no stats at all.
  8. Added a third wave of Companion Stances
  9. Well Ash player dropped a smokebomb and Venari happened to be there. So invisible works if it is cast on Venari herself. Doesn't sync up properly if Khora goes stealth. Lets not forget, if Venari is not max health and I hit a health orb. I absorb the orb. Venari doesn't get any health. Happens even if Khora and what companion I have are already full health. I end up stealing those orbs from peeps who may need it.
  10. The player himself was vocal about his feelings over spawning inside a laser barrier.
  11. Was doing a spy sortie today. Standing right outside the vault about to go in. The Alarm goes off. A late arrival had spawned right inside of a laser grid. Could you make any load in spawning get routed to outside the Vault proper instead of inside where all the cameras, lasers and guards are?
  12. Did the Fortuna run for the Boz. Stage 3. I was expecting to get knock spammed when no one else joined. I was not expecting being bounced and knocked around by nothing. Went on for 10 minutes then suddenly, a large Raknoid appeared, attacking me and knocking me flat. A few shots and it vanished again but it was still attacking with half health when it vanished. Sure enough knocking me down and around.
  13. Heh, guilty there. I focus mainly on Venari. Chains are secondary. Still with about 300 power Str, boosted by Maul and other damage mod, my metal kitty goes around tearing Heavy Grineer apart. Only the mini boss types can survive her assault. 160 AoE heal can rescue peeps as long as they don't run from her. (Happens most of the time, she's too slow) As for disarm and knockdown.. I use it for amusement. Funny as hell watching Venari constantly CC lock one enemy.
  14. Yea, I've asked for, given suggestions for, and tore at my hair in frustration over the current pets AI. Nothing's changed. They're focused on the shines. Open world Earth. Open World Venus. Now space war. *sigh* I figure someting small might get added.
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