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  1. Are you S#&$ting me? Because I waited, because of christmas, for the holidays to end I lost out on those skins and redownloaded it all, all over again.
  2. I've been waiting a few weeks now and I still have not gotten my Unreal Skin pack.
  3. The effect is highly inconsistant. About a 50% chance to proc as host and even lower as a Client. The AoE status spread is really nice but the armor buffing for each enemy spread to is choice for some warframe. (Frost, Gara, Atlas) A bit of feedback, the most common complaint I have heard is the Mark itself is too hard to see. Effects are splashy and flashy from everything so a little Kubrow Mark atop a mob in a random location is Painfully hard to find. Please Fix the Set effect and Enhance the Mark, make sure it's hovers on the edge of the screen when the Mark is planted off
  4. As long as they don't accidently bug and eat every single one of your mods. XD
  5. I've run across this as well. Primary, Secondary, Melee, Pet. Sometimes it just doesn't pop, even if they're stacked with status effects.
  6. Recently when trying to leave solo the count would keep resetting for no apparent reason. Then I saw it happen. I got shot at, my kitty went out and made then kill, right when hit got into the extraction area the count reset to 60.
  7. The more I see the less inclined I am to go MR 30 honestly.
  8. Survival my ass. No survival mission starts with such low air and canisters giving you 5s of air instead of 10s. This isn't a survival mission. It's a mission you have to cheese to win. Certain type of build viable with only certain frames. I honestly expected the MR 30 test to be different. Jokes on me.
  9. Ya know, the mech holding guns made for huma hands kept looking odd. Then I remembered those anime where someone would have an arm that was a gun, no hand. If you made a Mech, skin or entire, with the right arm a weapon mount you could have attachments that would show up mirroring the weapon that is equipped. You already have something like that with the Lich's shoulder trophy of the helm worn by their killer. Install the weapon's systems into the arm and lock the barrel, or barrels, onto the end.
  10. I have never come so close to losing an interception like this. Not through normal methods either. Through a mass of bugs. 1. Consoles free, npc interacts with console. Lost.. instantly. (1) 2. Npcs climbing up through the floor, no even close to a ledge. (3) 3. Npcs begining to hack a console then step away (Moas) and start firing while continueing to hack. (Found out when point was lost) 4. Rapid regenerating Shields. (No drone near. Shield drops to 0 then instantly maxes out 4 times before dying) (1) 5. NPCs hacking a console from 3-5m away. (3) Those ar
  11. I took a break from the Steel path, I had all but one of the Void areas unlocked. Decided to drop in. Same build I had used to clear map after map. I go in, suddenly. Dead... what? Both my Venari and my pet. Downed. Just instantly. Maybe a bug. Rezzed. Dead... Yea. What happened. Their damage is completely out of control and I am even using Adpatation.
  12. And it happened again, same mission.
  13. I just got finished with the third mission and my max rank Prisma Dual Decurions reset to unranked. They were rank 20 before I went into the mission.
  14. Cookie Jar drop from today's stream!
  15. My sadness Hired crew: Expected Lich crew: Hope Confirmed Companion Shipguards: Hope not found
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