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  1. I hope the new addition of Corpups are taken to revamp the AI of all the pets.
  2. Do Warframes need mods to be able to use their powers? Do our Mechs need mods to be able to use their combat systems? No. So why do our Kubrows, Kavats, Moas and Sentinals need such things? I can understand weapons. Warframes equip guns and melee weapons. Mechs do too. However sniffing and digging up stuff? Dogs do it all the time. Grappling and Pinning? Dogs play fight all the time doing that. Chase each other too. Cats? Ever watch kittens at play? Grab and kick those backlegs. Natural skills. Trained skills. Mods are Modifications. If you need them attached to m
  3. An old timer. =3 Wayback: www.warframe.com/anniversary
  4. Yet another person who can't deliver constructive critism.
  5. *facedesk* I can make a Kubrow that can fight in the steel path and kill. However the AI is SEVERELY lacking. That is what I wanted. The mobility and combat flexibility that they had. Half the time my pups bite at air doing no damage.
  6. Done it with Valkyr. Max out range and efficientcy.
  7. I just watched someone playing Monster Hunter Rise... why can't our Kubrow be as kickass as those cool looking puppers who can fight massively powerful monsters that are hunted?
  8. Railjack. Dogfighting in space in the ship or on archwing. Now as someone said Railjack is a glorified Taxi service. I hate it. Before fighting in warframes was an occasional thing, Railjack was the focus. Now it's warframe with longer loading screens and a small dogfight minigame that can be cheesed past. I hate it. Railjack was a concrete machine. Engines. Shields. Armor. Now they're... another form of warframes. Tore my armor and drednaught build apart. I hate it. New missions.... are just warframe missions. You could have made it where sudden dropins that had to be attacked
  9. Heavy Rifle Single shot per reload. Container holding a special shot, flamable liquid, and high energy battery. Load into the main body of the rifle. Take aim at the target and hold down the trigger. The shot will be forewarded into firing position, the gun will use the battery to begin gathering atmosphere into the chamber behind the shot. The liquid will be forced into the highly compressed before sealing the chamber. The opening behind the shot will snap open, friction sparking to ignite the compressed air and liquid. The resultant explosion will force the shot towards the area in the
  10. The Nautilus is too big in size. Looks cool sure but it takes too much fire because of it's size.
  11. No. I really mean disabled entirely. Then they could add a powers only version where all weapons are disabled.
  12. Trundles out a large bomb shelter, armed with fire retardant and anti-troll defense systems. *cough* Weapon Only Sortie Missions Should Block Powers!
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