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  1. AreeSoothsayer

    Unskippable Arrival Cinematic

    When I join a party last, going into the mission the cinematic plays and no matter how many times I tell it to skip it plays through and I am left way behind the others in the mission.
  2. AreeSoothsayer

    Sortie Enviormental Effects

    Radiation, Magnetic, Damage. All the effects from Radiation storm, Hive destruction. Invisible. Only reason you would know they are there is when you hit one and got rad, mag, proced or damaged.
  3. AreeSoothsayer

    Moa equipped weapon does not gain shared affinity [Fixed]

    Just finished testing this out and yea, gained exp. Maybe that rumor about the Gyro's being weapons platform parts were true and will be added in part 2.
  4. The weapon doesn't gain any exp unless it fires the killing shot. I use power to kill, no exp. I used gun to kill, no exp I used melee to kill, no exp. Other players killing all the time during these tests, no exp. Watched the Moa like a hawk and when it shot a nearly dead peon grineer killing it, 73 affinty.
  5. AreeSoothsayer

    Kubrow Damage

    It's been months since I tested my Kubrow's damage. The new elemental mods had me going into the Sinmulator since oddly enemies weren't dying like they used to. Against a 110 Arid Heavy Gunner it used to take 5-8 hits to kill it. Sat there taking fire for almost a minute before a tiny sliver of health vanished from the damage bar. My kubrow is not weak, I used the Helminth breed. Switched to a Kavat, who's base damage is only 1/3 that of the Kubrow, and it had the taken down 1/4 health in less than 30s
  6. AreeSoothsayer

    question: Beast Elemental Mods

    Thank you.
  7. AreeSoothsayer

    question: Beast Elemental Mods

    I have shock collar, unlisted on the wiki, and on the wiki is Frost Jaw. I'd like to know all their names and if you know where they drop, that too. Please.
  8. AreeSoothsayer

    Mecha Overdrive

    I've always been melee so finding crit-link to primary was no problem. I channel 60% crit from my primary to my pets. Wish moa could use the hunter mods.
  9. AreeSoothsayer


    Every pet has their own "Ability" I'm talking weapons.
  10. AreeSoothsayer


    Will there be Moa specific weaponry? Not just the feeble Sentinal weaponry.
  11. AreeSoothsayer

    Mecha Overdrive

    That's fine. I'll keep my 106% crit kubrows and 150% Kavats.
  12. AreeSoothsayer


    I'd like to hear Let's Lift together on repeat in my Orbiter. 😍
  13. AreeSoothsayer

    Mecha Overdrive

    When I saw status-link I was happy. I snagged one and did a wiki check to find out which weapon it linked to... Primary. Between choosing crit % and status % to set my Primary weapon to boost my companions. Crit will win. I had really hoped it would be secondary, even melee. Just, crap. A mod that will just gather dust.
  14. AreeSoothsayer

    Fortuna: Live Now on PC!

    Kinda hoping today myself, then I can brag about it coming on my b-day. 😋
  15. AreeSoothsayer

    Sortie: 0 damage enemies

    Every so often a Sortie that has elemental bonuses and resistances will spawn a mob that takes 0 damage to me. Not to other players, others can rush over and take it out in a 1-3 hits. However no matter how many times myself or my companion attack it, it takes no damage. Today's interception mission spawned 2 of them. I had to leave since I couldnt' hold my tower.