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Reactionary mod effects


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I would very much like to add mods to the game that are more reactionary to situations that tenno may find themselves in. I'm just suggesting this cause I would very much enjoy these being put into the games equation.

Mods normally work as general status buffs, but there are a few that work based on conditions such as shattering impact which deals armor damage when impact is done or Hunter munitions which acts when a crit is done. 

So I have a few suggestions that I believe would add more to the game and could improve build variety. 

So first would be mods that act in response to stored damage. The way they would work is essentially that once a certain amount of total damage is taken to either health or shields or both an effect is applied. 

For example: 

Whenever the Warframe takes a total of 550 damage apply an iron skin like shield equal to 200% of their health. Essentially giving them an additional health bar. 

More ideas could include Nova blasts (not the frame) that could deal area cold procs or blast procs. The point is it could be very useful in a mod slot. 

With things like that in mind I would like to continue with the idea of effects added when damage types are done or of status procs are dealt. 

So this spawns from shattering impact, but I would like mods that deal additional effects when dealing specific damage types. So for example a mod for rifles would be 

When gas damage is done enemies will take corrosive effects constantly instead of toxin. It could be something that simple or be taken even further to something like 

When ice damage is dealt enemies will create frost spots as they move. Enemies in frost spots take increased damage from all non elemental damage types.

My point is that warframe is super fun, but the modding is limited as most of it only applies general buffs and not really gameplay changing aspects. 


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5 minutes ago, Walkampf said:

Reactionairy effects are always boring.

The last batch of mod-sets had a few pretty good action-mods.

Manually trifgfering effects are a lot more fun, than a mod that reacts to something.

So you'd prefer wall latching? Active effects just interrupt normal gameplay imo

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Personally, I like reactionary mods.

Here's some similar Mods I've wanted:

  • Rifle and/or Shotgun Mods that increase damage, critical chance, status chance, and/or reload speed as you empty a weapon's magazine
  • Shotgun Mod that stores damage taken and converts it into multi-shot for its next attack (with a cap)
  • Weapon Mods that grant buffs or other effects when switching between weapons (ie, like switching from a Sidearm to a Shotgun gives the Shotgun guaranteed crits for a few seconds, with the normal crit roll improving the critical damage, like from yellow to orange crits, etc)
  • Warframe or Weapon Mod that cause your weapon to inflict the damage types of any Statuses you may be suffering from.
  • Warframe Mods that inflict effects when your shields are broken (like Mirage's and Revenant's passives), something like inflicting an elemental status to all nearby enemies when your shields break or something.
  • Warframe Mod that, when taking health damage, uses a percentage of the health lost to heal your teammates when they're in team range.
  • Similar to the above, a Warframe Mod that transfers a portion of the energy you used for an ability to your allies when they're in team range (channeled abilities would transfer over time as well)
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17 hours ago, (XB1)Lazerblast122 said:

Really good comcept idea but obviously soemthung more balanced like the one with the cold and blast profs it could be incorporated to something like heavy impact to make it more useful

Oh yes it's more of a suggestion, I was imagining inaros with that iron skin lol.

I was thinking overall it would be incorporated to add effects to damage types mainly. So on top of status effects just doing damage could apply more minor effects. Like 

When toxic damage is dealt enemy's will take a stacking debuff lowering their damage output by 5% up to 8 times. 

I just dunno if it would be better as an individual weapons damage or if the mods could be put on a Warframe then all damage dealt would apply the effects. 

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