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Hello, i potatoed my sentinel ( had 2 reactor's and im not planning on potato any warframe other than banshee now.. i mean after i somehow get slot for her ;D )
the sentinel is the Flying pear not sure about name right now..
i want to know whats best weapon for him ? i heard he have smaller range of agression(?) .
also i want to know What mods should i imput to his weapon ? is reload speed an opinion ? (using Meth's weap)
What mods are must have and which one are totally useless ?

Thanks ^^

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Carrier uses shotgun weapon. ill fix a build in a bit, gotta check ingame.


edit: shotgun works better higher spike damage. unless you wanna use shotgun as primairy and got mod issues.
also awaiting info on djinn's weapon.



-Accelerated Blast: 60% fire rate ; 60% armor piercing damage  (9points)

-Blaze: 60% damage ; 60% fire damage (9points)

-Flechette: 90% armor piercing damage (9points)

-Hell's Chamber: 120% multishot  (15points)

-Point Blank: 90% damage (9points)

-Shotgun Spazz: 90% Fire rate (9points)

= 150% fire rate ; 150% armor piercing damage; 150% damage; 60% fire damage ; 13 pellets with 20% chance of 14th pellet



(=60points max w/o forma; 53 considering hell's chamber on the V polarity)

= 2 slots free depending on what your fighting

-Charged Shell,Incendiary Coat (11 points each), Chilling Grasp (9points) 90% elemental damage


id say put in Chilling Grasp and depending on the weakness incendiary coat or charged shell.


-will need formaing when maxing everything!!!!

or max everything and 1 slot open. with a 7 cost chilling grasp (60%)


Edit3: if you got the sentinel mod: Fired Up throw it on as well.

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each sentinel has a bug on them to where if you dont use their default weapon they will only fire at "melee" distance(for close range sentinels like carrier and shade and long rnage for wyrm and deathcube. so if you use carrier use shot gun, deathcube use machine and so on. untill they fix the range and make all guns fire the same way regardless of sentinel its pointless to swap weapons because they dont fire or they "waste" ammo fire at anything with no effect.

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