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Carrying Stuff Without Secondary Weapon


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In today's sortie 2, I was using Nekros Prime with only a Kohm. I have no secondary weapon with me, so I was unarmed when carrying the power cell. Then halfway towards the excavator, I noticed I dropped my power cell by doing bullet-jump etc. So I tried just sprinting with normal jump and I didn't drop the power cell.

So I think either sliding or slide+sprint without a secondary weapon equipped will automatically dropped whatever I am carrying. Please look into this and fix, thanks.

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This is a problem since ever they've introduced the auto swap from melee to guns. The trigger is the aim glide - if you don't have a secondary equipped, you will drop whatever you're carrying upon the aim glide. It sucks, it's annoying, and was reported more than once before. Not sure if DE didn't see it yet, or simply decided it's not high priority.

I'd very much like to see it fixed.

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