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  1. Perhaps OP can ask DE on their upcoming devstream? Though not sure will it be answered or not
  2. So what caused the bug? Does that mean that Jupiter Disruption can never be on Sortie 2?
  3. So what caused the bug? Does that mean that Jupiter Disruption can never be on Sortie 2?
  4. Or you can ask DE to nerf Bramma like many others do. lmao
  5. Like you said, it is 1 of the 'outdated, never bother to update' things in the game, plus it is not crucial to have it same as other primed mods, so just forget it. lol
  6. Yes Ivara Prime is extremely fugly... but fortunately you can equip her normal or deluxe or tennogen skin on her Prime.
  7. I'd like to see the Zundi skin able to equip on kitgun first.
  8. Actually it does speak badly how the devs are, if players always having negative thoughts n concerned that things will get nerfed. Most players who play this game always have to worry if their fav powerful gear will get nerf or not. It is unhealthy.
  9. Shady? No, they are nice, they let players decide. But they won't be happy if too many players are having fun with a certain weapon, then they will nerf that weapon and not let players having anymore fun with it. Repeat the procedure for another/new weapons that is intentionally made powerful.
  10. That is exactly why it is in the game. It won't be taken away I'm sure.
  11. Now I am just the same as your profile pic. lmao
  12. Taking away her movement speed while invisible is a way of 'balancing' her as far as DE is concerned. So I don't think they will ever change it.
  13. Since you guys have been changing ducat value of some prime parts every now n then, so meaning some gold parts are not 100 but 65, or some bronze parts are not 15 but 25. I felt it is not honest of not showing the ducat value so players might actually lose out thinking certain parts worth less or more due to the color representing the parts. Could you be so kindly as to indicate those numbers in the fissure end mission selection screen where we select which prime part to get? Thanks
  14. If we do endless fissure mission, the void traces we get doesn't show the total in the total right hand corner of our screen, thus many time we forgotten about it and wasted excess traces. Please fix this and make it show our updated total void traces whenever we press esc to look at the top right hand corner for the total void traces number.
  15. Damn.. cheaters are bored now. lol Btw, Command Intrinsic is being forgotten?
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