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  1. So is there any relation between Octavia Prime's should armor and Inaros' Anubis Helmet? lol
  2. So to you, base damage is the modded (add-on) elemental damage, not the IPS that come with the weapon? Ok. If so then obviously IPS is not related to the modded add-on elemental damage. So even all 3 IPS gone, the elemental damage will still be there. But the total damage of the weapon will now only have the elemental damage.
  3. Hmm.. in layman's term for example... IPS each 100 damage, so the weapon total has 300 damage.. but now Impact has -100 damage.. so meaning the weapon has only 200 damage. Ya?
  4. Ah I thought you are asking for wear & tear applying to melee(like in Dying Light or Dead Island games) in the new melee nerf. lol
  5. Most of the time as client, I cannot cast Xaku's (holding) 3rd ability on enemies especially kuva guardians because of the lag etc. Is there a way to fix this beside playing solo?
  6. Many have reported this issue to be implicated with lighting in the game. DE has not address or fix this black box issue yet. Presently the only way to get around it is turn off your bloom. Even the slightest % perhaps 1-5% in having bloom will caused the black boxes to appear. So turn it off completely. Until DE fixes it, we won't be able to use bloom which the game features.
  7. Gara Prime was supposed to come this March while Octavia during Christmas holidays... because of the covid pandemic, prime releases was late by 1. So now it is quite nicely arranged that 2 female primes will come first half of the year and 2 male primes will come 2nd half of the year.
  8. I did tweeted to Rebecca suggesting re-introduce stamina only to melee, so that melee has the equivalent of 'magazine & reload', while nothing else is needed to be done.
  9. Maybe try to use non-meta weapons? Then your gaming experience is not ruined.
  10. Those kubrow dens on earth has chance to drop an egg if you destroy them.
  11. Yes game wise was the pre-parkour era. Now they serve as trolls to hamper your movement.
  12. "this wasn't told or taught in the game"
  13. Yes this wasn't told or taught in the game but you can mount your k-drive, press F or the button you switch between primary and secondary weapon, the game will then let you use your gun while riding k-drive. Yes, you will be blocking your crosshair if you didn't scope/zoom in.
  14. Ya I think this should appear in the feedback section telling DE it is 1 of the many things not told in the game.
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