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  1. So why in the patch note there is this: Fixed being forced to drop the Datamass when swapping to the Shedu. That sentence means we won't drop the datamass when we swap to Shedu, right? Meaning Shedu can be used while holding datamass... and that should mean Shedu should not be able to swap out to secondary when we pick up datamass. Hmm... this is complicated lol Anyway, datamass is still being forced to drop when I swap to Shedu from my secondary... and that made throwing the bait to the monster door won't work after swapping to Shedu and it bugged out unable to progress.
  2. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: Cannot use Shedu while holding onto data mass etc VISUAL: nil REPRODUCTION: Equip Shedu and pick up a data mass etc EXPECTED RESULT: Shedu should be able to be used when holding data mass etc OBSERVED RESULT: Every time after picking up a data mass etc, Shedu will be switched to secondary weapon instead. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  3. My most used secondary and amp are being reset and they have stats as if they are being newly used. All the XP, kills etc are gone. I do not know what triggered this. EDIT: Now I notice all secondary kitgun stats have been reset. Also, Sporelacer stats progression is not recorded.
  4. As titled, fake Nef still talking in my orbiter after I left Fortuna. He is talking during the moment I left Fortuna. EDIT: It seems I was wrong. Fake Nef talks the moment I leave Fortuna every time and continue talking in my Orbiter.
  5. The best part of this mainline is the removal of the trolling flashbang at start of every mission. Hooray! Humanity is restored! lol
  6. They spawn only after 5mins is it? Fast missions can't even see any and we finish the mission already. So we are expected in wait for them in mission for them to spawn?
  7. Must be today since tomorrow is Friday and players will complain of playing with bugs thru weekend spoiling their weekend.
  8. So Bonewidow's apron is actually a shield. cool!
  9. As titled, sometimes my mouse movement is slightly frozen then quickly move to a new location... as if I am having constant mouse lag. The only thing that made this possible is if there are other program running in the background but I have nothing on except Warframe.
  10. Ergo Glast also overexposed for quite sometime in his syndicate screen appearance from orbiter.
  11. Yes, esc not working is happening in Necralisk too
  12. I remember you guys said Lavos and the next one the white one will both be releasing this year, right? So meaning 1 in November and another in December? Else there isn't much time left this year for all the promises made.
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