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  1. Previously when steel path wasn't a thing yet, a minority tribe complained game too easy and want to fight higher level enemies without going into 1-2hrs or more in a mission. So then steel path was born.
  2. I noticed the mephisto syandana which came with the mephisto deluxe skin made front & back sigils not showing. It also made the vengeful series of ephemera not showing. I will post more if there are more things the syandana hides. Please fix. Thank you.
  3. DE has no control over these lag issues. Nothing can be done to make it proper.
  4. So no kuva collected when the catalyst is inserted into Yareli? Ok. Any word on stopping the trolling of enemies especially grineer and corpus 100% lockdown the area when Mirage uses Sleight of Hands/Explosive Legerdemain? She uses her own ability to have herself get locked down... lol
  5. No need to be sorry. There are a lot of toxic people in forum too. No matter what anyone posted, some people will always be there to rebuke them. Just blocked/ignored them and move on. There will be a lot more toxic ones you might meet later. So no point getting worked up over 1. You can always report them if they are too nasty. Everyone is different due to their journey in the game, be it MR, mods, knowledge etc. So just bring and do your best. Don't leech. lol
  6. Have you come across the one that everyone in trade chat hates, who tried to sell other players ignis wraith at 50p? Oh wait, you are not on pc.
  7. This might be minor but nonetheless a shortsighted that acolyte spawn when player/all players are in underwater section of Uranus missions. As some missions extraction is right at the end of the underwater section, which means the player(s) will not have a chance to fight the acolyte to get the loot... unless they backtrack a very long way. So please code it that acolytes don't spawn during Uranus underwater section. thanks.
  8. May I ask what is the logic behind this? Does that apply to MR30 and above only? Else you can foresee players will be complaining a low MR bringing a non lvl30 to those content with the excuse of dragging/slowing down the team and all sorts of excuses.
  9. Afaik only SP Incursion require 1. All the rest regular or SP ones are all endless which require 4 for 1 complete round.
  10. Could you also include in the nightwave description that some survival missions doesn't count, like the Kuva siphon survival mission that has timer reached 0 instead of endless?
  11. Yes they moved and those are not suits only but the corpus crew themselves deployed like that from the wall cabinet. I'm guessing in the future DE will reveal most corpus crew are actually cyborg or even androids, that are mass-produced just like the grineer are.
  12. Previously got angel wings. Now there is demon wings.
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