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  1. You said Xaku is a 'he'. Ain't Xaku a 'she'? Because there were already 2 male frames before Protea and the 2 after Xaku are male frames too.
  2. So do you mean that we need to AGAIN finish all nodes on Deimos in order to get the new Deimos statue ya? Do all nodes again or just the 6th bounties on Deimos open world?
  3. No Stave skin. My instance of the TennoLive Relay was bugged on n off as it doesn't show some of the new stuffs. So perhaps that is the reason it was messed up.
  4. My Loki is invisible with Taxon while scanning enemies but most of the time Taxon will attack the unalert enemies with its laser(not the sentinel weapon). I think a sentinel or pet will not attack enemies while the owner is invisible and not attacking enemies. So this is clearly a bug. The bug I'm guessing is because the game thought pressing LMB to scan means same as shooting a gun, that's why the game allows the sentinel to attack enemies while invisible. Please fix. Thank you. EDIT: My guess is correct, as Taxon is able to hit enemy with its laser even without a sentinel weapon, because I tried it with Helios and it never attack any enemy while Loki is invisible because Helios can only attack enemies with its sentinel weapon, Helios has no 'weapon' of its own.
  5. Well, it's always the case when you guys 'preview' something and most of the community will go all out speculating. I know letting players speculate is to hype up the content but most of the time it ended up players quarreling etc.
  6. Can't wait to get the new Deimos deco by completing it on Steel Path!
  7. I think it is possible. Let's look at Earth or Venus... PoE or Orb Vallies indeed looked very different from the rest of the tileset on the respective planets. So yes, be prepare to be disappointed that only the open world is new. lmao
  8. Looking from the stream, the Hydroid Deluxe's proportion seems weird. It seems like his whole 3D model is being stretch a bit too wide horizontally, making his head looked super wide and his body very wide too... like the pic below. You guys trying to achieve something like that? Please don't widen him.
  9. Bugs I reported had been fixed in the past. My condolences that yours are ignored.
  10. Can some mod move this to bug section. thanks.
  11. After successfully unveiling a riven, it will gives for example +5000XP as reward for unveiling the riven. It always struck me why give XP? It has no use unless the Tenno happens to be leveling up gear at the time of unveiling a riven. So why not reward Kuva instead which I felt it's more related to riven than XP.
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