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  1. As seen below, the sentinel is right at the middle of the screen and the boxes are blocking it. Could our sentinel or pet be moved to the right just like our warframes when customizing? That will avoid the boxes from blocking our view.
  2. kyori

    Chat Window Disappear

    I notice that if I click on a chat-link when I am at my-ship-flying-loading-screen out of a mission, the chat window will disappear when I got loaded back into my ship. The chat window will remain disappear/invisible until I quit and restart the game. The chat window is somehow still there because when I press T, my mouse won't move but just cannot see it. Please fix this bug.
  3. Is there a way to skip the splash page every time I go to
  4. Mainly because it is very rare which is the sole reason for that price, not because of its usage.
  5. His look reminds me of Voltron Black Lion.
  6. kyori

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.8.2

    I hope this also somehow fixed a related issue which is our operator is unable to hack console/capture target/pick up items if our warframe is too near or just next to those objects.
  7. kyori

    Nova's Null Star & Melee

    Immediately after casting Nova's 1, she has 1-2 seconds unable to use melee, meaning pressing E will not perform any melee action. Could this bug be fixed?
  8. kyori

    Color Correction

    Can we have Color Correction on but without the penalty of having the scene color changes during aim-gliding and Loki's invisibility?
  9. My account didn't show me the exact date I signed up.
  10. So crossplay is not mean playing from same account in both PC & switch... then what does crossplay means?
  11. Not sure about other factions but I notice it is very obvious that Nezha's Divine Spears will not staked some enemies even when they are in the affected radius of Divine Spear, that particularly the Corrupted faction. I didn't notice this happening with other factions. Please investigate.
  12. I noticed many related issue with this, that is we aim our crosshair at an enemy and throw the chakram at them but because there is a wall near to Nezha's left, the chakram will be blocked by the wall whereas our crosshair is not blocked by the wall. This problem often appears with 3rd person game when the bullet path is aligned to the player's character instead of the crosshair hence the parallax error. It will be good if the bullet path is aligned to our crosshair but I'm not if that can be done in 3rd person game.
  13. kyori

    Fed up with Sayrn being so stupid OP

    Pablo has admitted he made a mistake with Saryn's 4 but didn't mention when he will fix it. Meanwhile, those saryns you saw can only act power in teamplay, many of them can't survive solo in missions level 80 and above. so it is just some kind of ego boosting and nothing more than that.
  14. What talk you? What survivability mod? I never said those. I was saying Ember like many frames can be used at endgame with the accompany of well-modded weapons. Wtf is wrong with you talking and reply to everyone on behalf of the OP? Bye