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  1. The Targis Prime leg armor clips into Valkyr Prime's leg. Please fix.
  2. kyori

    Servofish bait question

    Welcome to the new update that everyone fanboys & fangirls love.
  3. kyori

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    Question: Why is Lotus the only one with revealed human cleavage?
  4. kyori

    Are Solaris “people?”

    they are cyborgs now.
  5. kyori

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    When will the lighting be readjust as Steve said in his twitter that he did some wrong programming etc resulted in blinding glaring whiteness. Also, when will remove the colorblind effect of loki's invisibility + some tilesets that has that effect too?
  6. Technically placing a mapping is less stress on performance than having ray-trace reflection from surrounding environment.
  7. kyori

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.6

    @[DE]Megan I put to sleep 3 pobbers with Ivara's sleep arrow and tranq them but as soon as I captured 1, the other 2 will immediately wake up and runaway despite sleep duration still in activation. Is this a bug or a nature of Ivara's sleep arrow?
  8. irgl (in real game life) there is only 1 tenno. What we see is....many tenno.
  9. kyori

    Garudas identity crisis

    I'm really interested in the topic... but is there any tl;dr? Thanks.
  10. kyori

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.4

    So that means now it is meaningless to do those races other than fulfilling the Challenge section and boasting rights? Those big-single-wheel-transporter (even with default level 10) that runs around can one shot any warframe. Intended or Mis-programmed? So that means animals will no longer be spook and despawn as soon as they spawn and detect our warframe's invisibility?
  11. That applied to every frame, not just Chroma
  12. iirc, enemy chroma appeared in a quest which consists of mainly infested enemies? Maybe that is why. No other reason other than this I can think of. Same goes for enemy Mesa I think.
  13. kyori

    Hijack in Fortuna?

    There is hijack in Orb Vallis... though not the mobile type of the old 2.
  14. I can't find the bottom one of the 3 clustered together on the west
  15. kyori

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.3

    Thanks for the weekend fixes but the important Helios cannot scan anything hasn't been fixed.