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  1. Poor @[DE]Rebecca, you can ask her to convey message or suggest stuffs but don't bash her, she is not the one that came up with all these stupid ideas. She is merely the middle person conveying stuffs to the players. I'm sure she can felt pressurized sometimes handling both sides.
  2. There will be AoE weapons from the sisters, right? Please put it a pin-up reminder that all AoE are to be balanced thoroughly before release, so as to avoid them getting popular and have to made players unhappy by nerfing them later.
  3. Suddenly today I login and found out 1 of my MR gear is missing in my profile page, it is my prisma machete. It was dimmed like it hasn't been mastered yet, but can clearly see the blue line below is full, plus my total MR points is up to date, which included the mastery of prisma machete. Not sure why is there a suddenly UI bug of this. Please fix. Thanks.
  4. I see. Another troublemaker out to create trouble when it's none of their concern. lol
  5. Equip the riven on your melee and use a gun to complete it.
  6. Yes pretty weird considering riven is 1 of the money tree of the game. Giving high dispo to new weapons will earn more $ lol
  7. I just noticed that Titania Prime(or the vanilla I don't know as I don't have it anymore) after returning from her archwing mode (aka press 4 again to deactivate it), she cannot throw glaive while on the ground, need to jump in order to be able to throw. Please fix. thanks
  8. Already suggested many months ago but seems they thought it's a joke.
  9. Nope, just use bramma, kuva nukor, kronen prime, glaive prime for everything. hahaha oh no, with kuva nukor, kronen prime and glaive prime nerfed.... but luckily bramma has been hugely buffed with this! Now we will see more players spamming their bramma! lol Did you mentioned if we are able to stack these with the vanilla mods? I take it as no eh "Equip all Galvanized Mods on a single loadout and see your warframe transformed into Galvatron! Galvatron Prime will need the primed version of the galvanized mods to unlock." XD So meaning they will also drop Steel Essence or riven Sliver at the same time, right?
  10. I love power creep, thank you! Sentinel can be 'fallen'? Ain't they dead the moment they are 'fallen'? Oh btw, does your sentinel in Nier Automata ever died? I can't remember.
  11. May I request some invigoration to take time to rework those warframes that most players don't play?
  12. You can always ask (or don't need to ask, just add them without asking) to add anyone as friend. But seriously, I'm not sure what you are trying to do with this topic. It is so trivial that there are really nothing to fuss about. To me, you are overthinking about it. Go play the game and don't waste time thinking about such thing.
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