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  1. The one who uses it needs to be on the archwing the whole duration. Once you drop off the ability will stop.
  2. kyori

    Saryn's 1st ability suggestion.

    That is precisely what they want to prevent with the rework, but even then they still say she is OP after the rework and needs further nerfing that will be done within this week.
  3. kyori

    Ask Me [Almost] Anything

    Oh? But we experienced a change in lighting in the ship. Everything is darker in the shadows. Arsenal's light now come from front(slightly) right rather than directly front center thus making shadow cast on the left side of the arsenal resulting the color change making it difficult to judge color when we do fashionframe. White has gone grey etc, effectively color has gone darker when it is presented to our eyes. What went wrong? New question: Does Arcane Guardian affects our pet's or Venari's armor through link-armor, giving them a temporary buff of 600 armor too?
  4. It’s still in the game. Mostly connected from a more common room with 2 railroads with crates, doors on 2 opposite ends. This is an uncommon room but not rare.
  5. kyori

    Was it really meant to be like this?

    Warframe is a free game, so it is only natural they dilute the loot pool...
  6. kyori

    Saryn Nerf Proposal

    So it's another "nerf this thing cos it hurts my ego" post
  7. I think this should be all for melee rework, else anything more than that will be like adding legs to snake. hehe
  8. I remember the last time color & lighting was messed up was during Gara launch because of her glass texture, Frost’s Globe and related textures got messed up. Now with this GPU particle update that involves light, it again messed up some lighting, color and stuffs in various part of the game, most notably in our ship where everything appear much darker in the shadow, which affected the Arsenal a lot resulting assigning color to our gear very difficult. I should’ve seen this coming as given previous incident from Gara case. DE’s code seems interlinked a lot because always someone new appear and something old will be messed up.
  9. kyori

    Ask Me [Almost] Anything

    Is the coding for the GPU Particles somewhat linked to the lighting and color in our ship as they are quite messed up now, eg white has become grey etc. Each color is somewhat a few tone darker thus making adjusting color to our gear fairly difficult.
  10. Infested osprey's engine still has sound when killed by Strangledome.
  11. kyori

    Arsenal's Lighting

    After update 22.20.0, the lighting at our ship's arsenal has been dimed. Now the light shines from the top right instead of the center thus make the left side of the arsenal very dark. (actually in the whole ship, things now appear much darker when in the shadow) I have 2 anasa sculpture one on each side and the one on the left is in darkness whereas before the update it is in brightness. Now it is very difficult to assign color to our warframe and gear as the lighting has gone darker on the left side because of the shadows thus making color judgement very difficult. May we have the lighting n brightness of pre-22.20.0 back?
  12. kyori

    Since U. 22.20 Patch Decorations are Color Washed

    I think it's the GPU particles new feature that got the whole game's lighting messed up.
  13. What sure what you mean but I’m unable to pick anything up until the weapon is holstered. For example quick melee will have to wait till the melee weapon is holstered before I can pick anything up.
  14. I think why many said spores are not reliably spreading is because we used to be able to cast spores many times on enemies coming from all direction. Now we can only cast it once on a certain group of enemies coming from 1 direction and if there’s a new group of enemies coming from the opposite direction, we won’t be able to cast spore again without having to burst those previously casted first. So in this sense casting spores has been severely handicapped.
  15. This has been a popular request but seems DE is busy over many other things and this has not been talked about