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  1. Be content you are able to do that cos when the melee nerf hits, no one will survive in long endurance runs.
  2. You already have the answer. It's time warframe has air-combo!
  3. I think it is best presented by marking an enemy, thus able to see the range in meters, then we will know how faraway from the enemy; the weapon can hit.
  4. Go do your math when you are able to reach and fight enemies beyond level 600.
  5. So we don't aim with our gun anymore like it did now eh? All Rebecca showed was the Heavy Slam Attack, so Heavy Attack is only a single strike or can keep pressing alt-fire to combo too? Since you said the Combo Counter will reset to 0, when all the existing multiplier applied to Heavy Attacks.. so that particular Heavy Attack's damage is based on the flat number provided by the whatever number present on the Combo Counter before using Heavy Attack? So that means it won't scale, right? It also means normal melee attack damage now won't scale too, right? If so, it is a straight nerf. Do you have any idea how much the present combo multiplier to a melee's damage helped in fighting against very high level enemies? With the new non-scaling phase 2, this will hurt the melee system a lot, my friend. Buffing the numbers won't help, unless the goal is to prevent players from doing long mission runs. EDIT: Can we have some real QoL melee changes like the ability to hit enemies below us on the stairs/slopes when we aim our crosshair down, instead of our melee hitting air due to it being programmed to hit at the same elevation as our warframe is standing.
  6. The game's message is telling you to give your money to other games for the time being.
  7. Why does the Lacera looked like a scissor but doesn't cut like one? So it is final that Ember and Vauban will both have (the same looking) meteor strike ability?
  8. They should also have QoL of this being visually, like make the portal flashes etc.
  9. Before the game can create sustainable content, it has already created many players in need of psychiatrists.
  10. So that you can shoot enemies while carrying a data mass or power cell.
  11. DE thinks Akarius is powerful hence no need so much ammo. lol
  12. As titled, both Etheria Leg Plates are not centered on each of Frost's leg. Please fix.
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