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  1. kyori

    Easy Fix for PoE Bounty Leechers

    if something is not done for PoE in this case, then it will happen in Fortuna too.
  2. kyori


    Not sure too. DE didn’t confirm anything iirc.
  3. kyori

    To anyone here

    Use VPN, set to North America, download, off VPN when done. Sonething either at the launcher or the server has been ticked off for some region.
  4. So frames that don’t have Umbra version will be forever at a less disadvantage when fighting sentients in taus?
  5. DE are nice people as many has seen them as, but they’re also known to screw players when necessary. Like making some prime Warframe free, so players can’t really sell them for sometime etc Well this is their game, so it’s natural they’ve all the rights to change anything. The only thing so far they’ve uphold is the founder pack.
  6. (Didn’t click link) maybe you should run more present missions to get more mods n sculptures to melt them into endo, that will be used to max out your serration. Once you’ve serration maxes, it’ll be easier. For raptors, try to learn their attack pattern. There’s a ‘hut’ at the far end of the room in which you can take cover from their fire power. Once you’ve learn their pattern, n with a max serration, you won’t have problem taking them down. Saturn isn’t much difficult too, with a maxed serration. Hope that helps (I’m not that girl from steel meridian)
  7. kyori

    The rework obssesion

    The no commas, no paragraph obession.
  8. kyori

    khora 's Venari problem

    Probably lousy programming. The idea of the cat is cool.
  9. kyori

    Fortuna NPC line request

    Augment a robot head (which doesn't shown to have any advantage in the game) and have tubes into stomach? Eew.. no thanks lol
  10. kyori

    Fortuna NPC line request

    They have no mouth, how to eat to survive I wonder.
  11. kyori

    Garuda is Valkyr's sister?

    The claw weapon on Garuda Airline really messed people up good. I would wait for more info for what Garuda Airline is about.
  12. kyori

    Fishing and Toxic Behavior

    What? lol... People's mind are so twisted nowadays that the leecher is calling other people who ruined their leeching as toxic??? Omg.. this world is coming to an end lol
  13. Yes, should increase the config slots from 3 to at least 5. And they haven't even give Operator the loadout or config slots!
  14. Yes DE needs to make them glow or whatever like hazard lights.... but I guess DE didn't do that is because they don't want players to be able to find the wisps too easily.
  15. Today I met a new bug in which enemies can attack through the rift. In hieracon, infested ospreys from outside my cataclysm are able to destroy my extractor by shooting from the outside. In a mobile defense mission, the consoles can be harm periodically and eximus fire burst attack Isabel to hit me when I was in my cataclysm. Not sure why it became like this. Please test it n fix it. Thanks.