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  1. Wisp is supposed to be floating but when she uses melee, she became running on the ground like other warframes. The same goes for some other actions like scanning etc. Why no make floating melee or those others animation???
  2. Not sure if this is added, there is an orange door in the sabotage area, which could mean it is guaranteed to spawn. It only need 3 consoles which are easy to find within the sabotage room.
  3. Possible not to anyhow slap armor on Wisp? For example, chest armors are very obvious just slap on her without much adjustment as some, like the wolf armor is oversize on her. Not to mention chest armor should be places on her scarf and not on her boobs. Actually that applies to many female warframes, as if armor are just placed on them without much love consideration.
  4. If they bump against each other then it will mean they are having sex.
  5. There are a lot of animals still missing from the Codex. The Moonless Kavat skin from Cetus also has this problem similar, there is a blue rim on all the white patches, which always visible no matter what color is used.
  6. What's the drop percentage? The drop table webpage doesn't have this info.
  7. Weird, I tried all combination of which to turn on first but all won't work. So would you mind telling which you press first, 2nd n 3rd? Thanks
  8. Not sure if this is a bug but scanning the new enemies in Jupiter with helios now doesn't contribute to simaris standings.
  9. My Spectra Vandal is level 30 max now but my MR didn't decreased by 3k. So I assumed all new gear in this update is bugged of not giving MR. Please fix.
  10. I did the Endurance Run but my profile page has no stats of this operation. You guys forget to add such important thing? lol The blue, cyan and white data mass.conduits... of so many color, it has to be 3 such color that are close looking to each other? I suggest using different color to differentiate them better in the heat of battle.
  11. Great job on only a certain enemy can destroy the tower, so this game mode is not seems to being a mix of excavation and mobile defend. With this change, it also means we can use whatever frame we want to play this new game mode with, not just typical defence frames like used in excavation. Good improvement!
  12. Do not understand why sometimes can transfer back to warframe and sometimes cannot. Do not understand why most of the time want to void dash but my operator jump up instead... but sometimes able to void dash. The ropalolyst is blocking me? If then, there need to have a field of incident to show the area being blocked. eg, like scambus warning shot vfx On solo, it is very difficult to hit the ropalolyst weak spots because it keep facing me and its laser always one-shot me.
  13. Now there are many blue dots on the Liset Dex skim which is not re-colorable, please make them colorable, thanks.
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