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  1. Go watch latest devstream. Scott said there are all sorts of players and they cannot cater to each and everyone. Warframe is an on-going game with no end to be seen yet... so there is no endgame.
  2. kyori

    Nidus Prime makes no sense

    After what happened to the lore of valkyr or her prime... there is no more logic in warframe.
  3. kyori

    Ugliest Frame

    I'm glad I will never own the ugliest frame as per my taste. Yes, the one with just a void key slap on the face and it is called a Prime. Talk about lazy ass design. lol Normal Ash head idea came from the crabhead in Half-Life games.
  4. kyori

    Not more new frames instead New Skill swaps #2

    You like Destiny but don't want to play Destiny. You like Warframe more but still want to play Destiny, so you want Warframe to become War(Destiny)frame, so that you can play Destiny without playing Destiny. Interesting.
  5. kyori

    Land # consecutive headshots while Archwing

    worst when you cannot use sniper because the riven is rifle or shotgun. lmao Wait till you guys get more trolling riven challenges from fortuna lmao!
  6. kyori

    TennoGen Round 15 - Accepted Items!

    Too bad Garuda's 4 still lousy in high level. Buffing slash is lousy, I prefer Scott's Saryn press 4 to win. Else I will buy this Garuda skin. E-vara is now the surrogate Lotus? lol Nidus only open his ears on the helmet?
  7. kyori

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.9 +

    I'm starting to wonder why is it so difficult to make her butt normal like others.
  8. kyori

    Anyone else sick of the Big Maps? I know I am.

    While the not-blind ones are voicing out with the white knights defending..... DE is asking openly what players want to see in 2019. So it means they already knew and don't care what was already made. What important is churning out more stuffs they like cos that is the formula for warframe to last this long.
  9. I'm glad new primes has no void key slapped into their head or face and called a prime... they should be called corrupted instead. lol
  10. kyori

    So about them Repeller Systems

    Making people frustrated with those requirements is only the work of 1 guy in DE. Maybe DE like what he did to frustrate players hence telling him to continue to do so. lol
  11. kyori

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    So Baruuk has a secret ability now? So what's up with the nerfed numbers of her Regulators? So phase 1 heist not 100% spawning a data mass on the 2nd part... is a 'feature'?
  12. kyori

    Hey DE how about throwing a Toroid my way, ey

    Farming caves might be faster. Oh also, there are also ass-players who said they farm millions of whatever in minutes, well, they just mouth-say-balls-feels-good. lol So pay them no attention.
  13. kyori

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    I didn't know "Mesa Prime's Ballistic Battery features multicolored lines instead of scattered energy particles." because with many people I don't use that ability, but people who did Eidolon hunt will. So now you took away that only useful usage of Mesa 1 away but you put special primed effect on Mesa 1.... who will see that special primed effect now? lol
  14. kyori

    DE now has Serious Competition

    Why people like to compare Destiny to Warframe? Does Destiny also has over 30+ classes and F2P?