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  1. May I ask what is the logic behind this? Does that apply to MR30 and above only? Else you can foresee players will be complaining a low MR bringing a non lvl30 to those content with the excuse of dragging/slowing down the team and all sorts of excuses.
  2. Afaik only SP Incursion require 1. All the rest regular or SP ones are all endless which require 4 for 1 complete round.
  3. Could you also include in the nightwave description that some survival missions doesn't count, like the Kuva siphon survival mission that has timer reached 0 instead of endless?
  4. Yes they moved and those are not suits only but the corpus crew themselves deployed like that from the wall cabinet. I'm guessing in the future DE will reveal most corpus crew are actually cyborg or even androids, that are mass-produced just like the grineer are.
  5. Previously got angel wings. Now there is demon wings.
  6. I'm sure you(DE) knows that a lot of warframes or their armor or syandana etc all blocking the crosshair while aiming down the sight. Same goes for Titania's wings or deluxe skirt. When time allows, possible to make everything to have that same properties of becoming much transparent when aiming down the sight, so that the issue of blocking players' aim is no more? thanks.
  7. I think DE will give you a Ghoulsaw skin for your k-drive instead. lol
  8. Hi DE, may I know which red did you all used in the spore and waveform ephemeras default color, yes they are 2 type of red. I tried all the red I have and all of them has this white tint/tone to them, not completely red at all. The default red in spore ephemera is totally red without the white tint/tone from other existing color palettes I have. Please reveal the color. Thanks. Oh.. and why you all make all the red in color palettes having the white tint/tone? They should be in total red like the one in spore ephemera. Is it a technical difficult?
  9. Those are exactly what they have in mind when designing new defence/interception map. It's too obvious since the change from Jupiter defence map where you can cover all 4 interception areas on 1 high ground. They don't want players to get easy anymore. So slowly more of such complicated maps will be introduced if they decided to change the old ones or add new ones.
  10. You see... now plague star is going live but once it is gone, PoE will return to normal. So I presume New War is something like that. As per your thread title, you mean those responses in Twitch during the demo? I find that those people only existed in Twitch where they cheer etc when DE show new stuffs... but the outside of Twitch, the forum etc all are different people who will complain etc the same thing those people in Twitch cheered about. So don't get too emotional yourself. When New War is out, just enjoy it. As if you are with the game long enough, you won't bother about what emotion n stuff cos you will have seen what's all they can do... resulted in only playing the game when new update is out, no feeling, emotion, hype etc.
  11. They use the Entrati thing because they are orokin also so to DE they matched lol. I would prefer it to be on just a stand or something, not a bitcoin mat like this.
  12. When you designed the UI of squad voting for a new mission, did you notice the 'go' is exactly the same place when it became a 'x'? Perhaps you know, because you intend it to become 'x' after clicking on 'tick' (and it became a 'go') just in case players changed their mind... but there is 1 problem. The problem (which can be quite serious) is that sometimes another squad player will click on the 'go' again so that the mission can start without having to wait for others to click. When this happens, if a very unlucky player is about to click on the 'go', he will ended up clicking on the 'x' which resulted in booting him out of the squad and losing all his reward. I guess this thread is about this scenerio: So please make the 'x' as another button and not on the same position as the 'go' button. Thanks.
  13. I have notice the accent color or metallic material in the game has been set to a darker tone. For example the operator suit that came with Zephyr Prime, the accent metallic parts on it is very dark even when selecting a pure white. Fashionframe wise it is quite unpleasant, cos every metallic looked dark dark, not nice. I know that the dark tone part of the metallic material (in 3D software) can be adjusted so that the metal has a brighter look. Please consider to adjust it to make it look brighter. Thanks.
  14. Syndicate interception missions are 2 rounds instead of 1 round too. I think DE simply forgot to make the change to lessen them when they did to invasion and steel path incursions etc.
  15. I guess slash and viral are ok, as people feel fun and boast about how they can kill high level enemies now... it's actually a good thing that DE is making people happy in these covid time. Imagine they make the game harder and people can't kill stuffs and they will get sad cos they can't boast anymore.
  16. In Erra we saw all the primes defeated and only operators defeated Erra. So presumably sentients retreated to Tau because of the operators(?) If so, following the story you guys written, Sentients should be buffed to only allow opreators to kill. lol
  17. Not sure if this is intended but Smeeta Kavat's Charm is not working while in Titania's Razorwing mode, because the Kavat's health bar is grey out. Even if Razorwing is in the air, it is still just a Warframe ability and Charm worked with all Warframe abilities, don't see why this won't work. Yes, code need to be changed so Razorwing won't copy wholesome the code of Archwing and render Charm not working?
  18. Presently our warframe is holding melee weapon in a stance that is very close to the camera(not sure who thought that is a good idea) and this made it that we can't see the melee weapon normally and as a whole like guns. Could you guys change it so that our warframe hold melee weapons similarly like guns so we can have a complete view of it so as to make our fashionframeing easier? thanks
  19. The normal and prime helmets are too big when match with the deluxe body cos the deluxe body is smaller n slimmer. The deluxe neck is very long too.
  20. In Fossa's Jackal boss fight, while depleting his health for the 1st time, he will then moved into the 2nd area which starts the 2nd-4th health bar fight. Our warframe abilities or whatever power we accumulated will be reset once we enter the 2nd area of the boss fight. Just curious, may I asked why is this so? This seems not to be a bug, so why is it purposely made like this? Afraid our accumulated power will kill Jackal easily? Or doesn't want certain highly buffed defensive abilities to work so as to serve as challenge to players?
  21. So those exploiters will be banned till 2034?
  22. Fixed this only during the 6th plague star. Next is to fixed Nova's wormhole working on the drone? lol The smiley at the end of the sentence. lol
  23. Actually I discovered the archwing keep going up thingy happens in Uranus underwater segments whereby if you are hit by the water spraying corals, you will end up keep going up unable to descend very difficult to control
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