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Atlas 4th Augment Rework - Self-Fossilize


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Basically, instead of the Titanic Rumbler (pretty bad), this augment will do this:

Atlas covers himself in stone and ore, transforming into a Rumbler. Gain 150% more Health, Armor, and 25% more movement speed. Can only use melee and abilities. Drains 20/15/10/5 energy per second.

Basically, it would change Rumblers into a channeling ability, and instead of creating minions, Atlas would become essentially "super powered" in this mode.

Why? It fits his 'brawler' esque playstyle, while also synergizing with his other up-in-your-face abilities. 

About the extra health, once the ability is untoggled, it will reduce Atlas' health to the percentage he was at when Self-Fossilize is untoggled. So let's say: your Atlas has 500 health. Activate Self-Fossilize. You now have 1250 health. You take damage, reducing your health to 750. Untoggle Self-Fossilize. Atlas' health is reduced to 250, because he took 50% of his health while in Rumbler form. Same goes for shields.

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Idk. I’m picturing more of a single rumbler that runs on all fours like a zanuka hunter and has 50-100% more health, armor, and speed. Instead of throwing rocks, it would role like a bolder into an enemy and continue to attack normally. Maybe even gain an actual explosive timer where if the duration runs out or ability gets canceled, then it will burst and rubble will fly in different directions inflicting impact damage to those far away and maybe, MAYBE, blast damage to those up close. 

That’s what I believe it should be like instead of that slow semi weaker version it is now.  

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