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Wukong Prime: Hotfix 25.3.1


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В 11.07.2019 в 11:58, Maganar сказал:

I was never speaking about grind or monetization.  On that I have no comment.

You're straying off my point, which is that it benefits no one - not even them - to patch things late that they have decided make the game better (or more addictive, or however you interpret it) and cause unrest in the community.  It makes players uncomfortable and potentially causes them eventual player loss from fatigue at trying to get things changed and not being sure what's going on.  Those things aren't good for anybody, and DE stands to gain nothing from it.

You litetally cant read because I said it clearly why it benefits them to do nothing or postpone fixes to horrible fights and missions, by making something god awful and tedious and boring and grindy you effectively lock certain players off of it, Pushin them to buy things they want instead. Because newsflash, the absolute majority of things spare cosmetics are tradable.

And if you will repeat the stupid argument that many use that most players didnt buy platinum is absolutely irrelevant because someone somewhete bought it, it was bought with real money, you cannot spend platinum that they give in during streams in trades. 

And even when the players dont buy it, they spend enormous amount of time grindind so fcing yes it benefits them whenever u log in and play. Thats why theres login system and stty nightwave, to keep you loggin in and playing

Theres also point of them being devided and petty but over time as content become irrelevant they can make it easier for litetally any reason like certain part of the team Pushin 5he agenda or them pretending to do something aka fixing stuff instead of making something new aka making content replacement. 

Players that play wf for years are simple addicts with no better game to play. Even when game will turn to absolute st, most will keep playing because they invested too much in it, so their discomfort is irrelevant as long as they keep loggin in. 

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On 2019-07-08 at 10:04 PM, [DE]Drew said:

Wukong Prime: Hotfix 25.3.1


  • Updated the Nightwave Act "Transmute 3/3 Mods" to read "Complete 3/3 Transmutations".



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