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Squad stuck at relic select after host migration


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Ran a T2 fissure mission today with a squad (Casta @ Ceres? the one with the outside tram), and when the host left at round 15 the rest of the squad was locked in the relic selection screen.  The mission just didn't start (no countdown or anything), and there was no way to exit/abort/whatever either.  I ultimately had to Alt-F4 my way out, thus forfeiting my loot, which contained an Ash Prime Chassis -- very sad panda here...  Chat still worked though.

Maybe related: when I started up Warframe again right after, it moaned about UPnP not being available or such, though it always has been and I didn't change anything about it.  In the in-game menu in "Options \ Gameplay \ Analyze Network" it then happily told me that "All systems nominal. UPnP detected."

Maybe I became host (always good ping here) and the path through my router failed at the same time, thus getting the mission stuck?

Turns out the Ash Prime Chassis is now in my inv, though I didn't get an inbox msg for it?  Ah well -- happy panda again 🙂

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On XB1 too when host leaves during interval in fissure defenses it brakes the game and lose everything now i just leave when the host leaves this has only just happened since the new extraction system was brought out but no fixed i been moaning on XB1 bug forums for abit nothing happened 

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