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[New Warframe Idea] Leon The Proud Slayer


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Now its kind of late so im fresh out of a sketch...

Anyway i was thinking how there are no REAL melee frames, and seeing how close range is not as rewarding in this game, i came up with a frame idea that i think MIGHT work. Now all feedback is welcome (constructive if you don't mind), and i will try as hard as i can to make this frame as acceptable as possible without making him a op killing machine. 

Sorry for my grammar mistakes (it was kind of late) if i had them and do take note that i didnt know where to post this other than here.

So lets start with the basic stats: 


Leon the Proud Slayer (ya, epic name FTW XD)

Health: 100 (350 at rank 30)

Power: 100 (120 at rank 30)

Armor: 75

Shield Capacity: 150 (400 at rank 30)

Shield Recharge: 22

Sprint Speed: 1.0

Polarities: 4x =

                 2x D

Aura polarity: V



Boy did this take a while to come up -_-

1) Proud Somp- Energy: 25; Hotkey 1

''Leon swiftly stomps the ground creating a small quake around him with enough force to knock enemies around him.''

-fires off a 360 degree attack that knocks back enemies in the near vicinity and staggers those further back for 1/2/3 seconds(continuity/constitution)

-deals 100/200/300(focus) damage and has a radius of 5/7/10 in-game meters(stretch); foes withing the 2/4/6 meters are knocked back while the others are staggered


2) Battleborn Aura- Energy: 1 point per 1.5 seconds (toggle); Hotkey 2

''Leon's aura hardens the very air around him absorbing some of the damage all the while empowering his body.''

-releases a aura around Leon that absorbs 35/40/50%(cannot be modded) of the damage into his shields while giving him a boost to his melee attacks for 90/100/125%(moded or not moded that is the question)

-drain attacks from Ancient Disruptor increase the energy drain by 20

-poison damage goes trough normaly


I'm just gonna stop here for now and let it sink in. I KNOW that this is a first toggle ability but i think it could work providing the frame (and thus the player) with enough defense AND a sort of a reward, if you will, for jumping into the fray and smashing around. The absorb cannot be affected by mods as it would be too overpowerd. On to the rest of the skills.


3) Lions Pounce- Energy: 50; Hotkey 3

''By jumping into the air Leon crashes down either on a nearby enemy or the ground itself creating a damaging shock wave.''

-Leon jumps 5 in-game meters into the air, if he lands on the ground he will create a 360 degree shockwave that deals 200/300/400(focus) damage within 3/5/7 in-game meters(stretch) knocking down foes; if he lands directly on a opponent Leon deals 300/400/500(focus) damage that ignores armor and knockdowns the target


4) Prideful Roar- Energy: 100; Hotkey 4

''Leon roars into the air staggering and damaging all the foes that can hear it.''

-Releases a 360 degree howl that deals 200/300/400(focus) damage that ignores armor and staggers all the foes within 10/22/27(stretch) meters for 4/7/9 seconds(continuity)

-the attack can hit the enemies trough walls, doors and cover.



There you go people. I hope this idea of mine wont be just tossed aside and that it will be, in fact, a good idea worthy of at least looking into. Keep on ninjaing. 




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