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Riven bug?


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13 minutes ago, Teliko_Freedman said:

So my Riven here has two different set of stats.

So....is this a bug?

They changed how rivens work with the Kuva Lich weapons update. From that patch onwards for example the Seer does not get the same Riven bonus stats as the Kuva Seer. They said they want to change rivens in the future so that Braton and Braton Prime have different dispositions and therefore are treated as different weapons with different riven stats in the future. They will still use the same riven, but each weapon variant will get different stat bonuses.

I thought only Kuva weapons work this way for now, but it seems the Detron/Mara Detron work this way now and I just checked my Rubico riven also gives less stats on the Rubico Prime.

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