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Kubrow, Style Slot Glitch, Metus Skin


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If you buy a new Style Slot for your Kubrow, it just bug: 

1- His energy color resets to blue;

2- His skin color resets to a random white, not the the color he was born with. I can change his color tho;

3- Sometimes his body change to athetic, even if you have a bulky one;

4- If you apply "Helmith Charger Metus Skin" "Drakh Skin" or "Underbrush Skin" you can't just take it off, instead you can apply another fur... like a Metus skin using lotus fur. lol

Also, for some reason (and this is happening in every single slot), Metus Skin energy is not adjusting to actual Kubrow energy! It's only blue now... I hope this one is not intended, for real, because makes no sense at all to not adjust to Kubrow energy like before. =(



Btw, would make way more sense to allow us to change Kubrow's energy color and avoid this kind of bugs. =/

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