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Mastery Rank 24 test; Kinda cheated?


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Hello everyone, I am now MR24 but I cannot uinnotice something strange that happened during the MR24 test.

The Mastery Rank 24 test is simple: You're in operator form with your basic operator powers. No amps, no focus abilities, no arcanes, no nothing. Just the laser you had at the beginning.

You need to shoot down this orb in the middle of the arena in 3 minutes time.

When I tried to do the test I was starting to get the hang of it, I died, 2 attempts left it said. Okay, that was my own fault. I began shooting again, but to my surprise I was able to use my amp and clear the orb in mere seconds.

So I question, do I deserve MR24? Didn't I kinda cheat to get the Mastery Rank promotion?

Do with my bug report what you desire.

-DragonDude3010; Newest MR24 boi?

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