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Slingshot, am I going crazy or is it bugged?



So, is the slingshot buggy or am I doing something wrong, because sometimes I can slingshot into crew ships and sometimes no matter what I do I cant launch.

I X into the slingshot

Line up with a crew ship

hover the mouse over it til I get yellow bars

left click and.....

50% time I launch into Crew ship

50% time nothing happens

If its one of the times I cant launch, then no matter what I do or how many times I get in and out of the Slingshot I cant launch.

 Does this happen to anyone else,or do you know what I might be doing wrong

my intrinsics are 6677

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My problem with slingshot is that it should be 360 degree cuz you know what the chances are of the pilot aiming you at one ?? 


There only things I could think of that could be wrong is that 

- Lag....maybe the ship your aiming at isnt really there any more....  maybe its NOT within range and the yellow bars are a lie.... 

-Maybe somoene else's fat butt is crammed in the cannon ahead of you lol.   Maybe you cant get shot out until the other guy gets shot out first??

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