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Railjack Intrinsics and Bugged Matchmaking/ Mission


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So after many hours playing railjack there are two main bugs I've noticed that affects the game for ps4. The first is my intrinsics that I've earned during missions. Many people have noticed their resources or intrinics going missing or not being there after a mission. I've mostly experienced my intrinsics go missing but some resources as well.

The other bug, that is most annoying, is when playing with others and being glitched when in the Dry Dock. It generally happens when we have been playing missions but sometimes when we first join up too. We will be in the Dojo Dry Dock and the host will start the mission however the other player won't follow(I've been playing in a 2 player team). I've noticed when I'm not host and I get stuck in Dojo that I generally have all weapons equipped and sometimes even specters I used in game show on my screen.I can't even use the research screen in the dojo for railjack. It also won't let me exit the railjack through my ship, but only through fast travel. To fix the issue I have to leave the Dojo completely and be re-invited. 

(Side note- I also wish that we could access our ships stats( like avonics, intrinsics, etc.) when we are in a squad with another player as it would make things a lot easier than leaving party then coming back.)

Edit: I've now been playing Saturn missions and have had major issues with Mordo's Cluster. Both times I've tried playing it my game has crashed. The first time even my party said I had a network error and the game itself froze completely after we had completed it. (Could have been ps4 problem) The second time the game crashed with an error screen during the mission while I was in the objective. Note that the first time the person I was playing with(plus a random) said it showed their node complete however mine was not.

Hopefully I explained this well but if you have anymore specific questions I will try to answer them. Thanks for reading 🙂

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On 2019-12-24 at 5:31 AM, (PS4)ShadowJuice69 said:

I have noticed something also. You run a mission at reward screen it will say 14 intrinsics earned for example.But back at dry dock you will only have 7.So why tell me 14 at mission end?Its basically misinforming me.

The same has happened to me as well and others I know. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. 

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I had completed 3 or more missions with a railjack crew on Saturn and when I checked my mission rewards before entering the dojo, I had many resources l, blueprints and mods for both the ship and archwing. Upon returning to their dojo, and leaving back to my shop, I had only recieved credits and not even half of the intrinsics promised to me by the mission reward screen.

This is beginning to become a game breaking problem where I can’t play higher level content because I’m not being rewarded for the lower level content, which is annoying.

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I've noticed the missing intrinsics as well. I complete galleon missions and upon completion (after the timer to return to railjack finishes) I am awarded 25 intrinsics. Return to railjack, and the completion page flashes again briefly stating that I earned 25 intrinsics. Navigate to dojo, and I'm awarded with 9 intrinsics that are actually awarded to me for intrinsic leveling.

Pretty frustrating. Have given up on RJ for the time being due to the amount of bugs I run into. Plus, I feel like my RJ is made of cardboard even with MK3 upgrades, and should just be renamed "Grineer Boarding Simulator".

Not worth the effort for ~9 intrinsics per run.

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