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Empyrean Railjack Archwing Slingshot | Bugs and Crashes


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Just a collection of things I've encountered, whether they happened to me or another player, while using the new Archwing Slingshot.

  • After slingshotting into and destroying a crewship, teleporting back to Railjack with the Omnitool will have the whole screen go black and disable all buttons(except for esc and chat). Mission still proceeds while this is happening. I was client for this.
  • Bailing out of a destruction-in-progress crewship will make you unable to move. Another squadmate reported this.
  • Exiting crewships will equip your standard weapons instead of archgun. I don't know why.
  • Re-entering Railjack will equip your standard weapons but your archwing melee will look like it's still equipped for all weapons. I don't know why.
  • Accessing the Tactical menu when you launch yourself using Slingshot will crash the game.

Anyone else got something?

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  • When teleporting back to railjack after destroying crewship reactor, kubrows' teleportation is delayed by about 10 seconds and can be instantly killed if still onboard the crewship when it explodes
  • HUD randomly disappears for the rest of the mission (and even when returning to dojo) when accessing railjack forge
  • Tycho Seeker missle can loop infinitely in a ring if it was looping around a ramsled that got to the railjack before being hit by the missle
  • Ramsleds frequently stuck behind grineer bases and asteroids
  • Cannon Batteries can shoot through terrain with infinite punch through
  • Hull ruptures/hull breaches have misleading hitboxes (basically, omnitool won't repair ruptures/breaches sometimes even when you're aiming right at the repair point)
  • Auto Breach parazon mod never seems to work in grineer bases (then again this is up to rng so I may just be really unlucky)
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Firing out of the slingshot either into empty space or through an enemy fighter (i.e. anything that's not "directly into an enemy crew ship") will leave you in space, with your Archwing abilities, but with your Warframe weapons.

Sometimes, this is incredibly advantageous, since (inexplicably) a well-specced Warframe weapon can do way more damage than an Archwing weapon, one-shotting fighters and even crew ships (though you can only disable them this way, not destroy them).

Other times, it's incredibly crippling, especially since it seems to ignore any mods you have on the archwing?  That's the only explanation I can think of for why none of my stats seem to apply, e.g. my Amesha 4 costs the stock 100 to use, rather than my +efficiency 45.

At some point (trigger unknown), you may find yourself back to using your Archwing weapons again.

Also, I haven't tested this enough to say, but I suspect it may also be doing other weird stuff, like causing the game to ignore the modifiers on my weapons once I return to Warframe mode.  I've been playing as Ivara, and both my primary and secondary have silence mods on, but on some missions I find myself decloaking to fire them, and they do very little damage.  Since I think the slingshot bug causes the game to ignore mods on your Archwing, I suspect it may be responsible for this as well.

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  • After destroying crewship's reactor and teleporting back to the Railjack with omni tool, still able to slingshot into the ship that is currently exploding, which leads to teleporting the warframe far-far away beyond the map and disabling all controlls except mini map and chat, unstuck doesn't help.
  • After fast travel to Dry Dock from the Railjack board while it's still being docked, accessing the Avionics sub-menu on the consol will display only the base capacity with only a few of the installed avionics (Edit: actually, regardles of the ship docking, it's just first access to avionics after mission end)
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