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Seriously why cant we grind for Tennogen skins

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12 minutes ago, SPEKTRE76 said:

What about the ones they sell on consoles for Plat? It's already happening. And how would it stop them from getting paid again?

because on PC, the number of players way too much to compared with consoles. One more thing, a game company like DE already discussed with players about their works, how will they get paid.etc,.... Which is mean, they done it with the agreement of players, who made Tennogen skins. So both DE and Players made agreement, we got nothing to complaint more about it.

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At least you didn't say it was P2W... You know, winning Warframe runway. lol

I would love to use plat to buy tennogen, but I understand that they have an agreement with both artists and Steam, so...

Anyway, I bet you can save 2 McDonald's or something and then buy a skin.

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On 2020-01-05 at 3:29 PM, (PS4)EatmyAci3 said:

So tennogen skins should be plat and the fact that they cost money is very stupid. Us players can work to get plat for hours just to make our frames looks nice because most frames are really ugly and all De made stuff is some how even uglier. The tennogen stuff is very expensive $10 for a skin are you kidding. i have a good amount of plat that i have gotten from trades so there is o reason i should have to pay $10 dollars to get more plat just to buy a skin even though i have more then enough plat to buy a the skin. The tennogen skins completely ruined fashion framing for me and ruins the overall experience of the game for me. There is no reason they should be pay only players should be able to get every thing for free not have to pay. So De please consider making it free and just give the creators of the skins a portion of the plat we pay it would be a way better system.

first of all dude people put time and effort in to designing skins even if you don't like them people still took time to design it 

Second De didn't create tennogen skins they put it In the game 

Third the people that designed it gets paid for there designs having it be given for free would be an insult, you know how low MR weapons suck and are cheap it be like saying that to the creators of the skin it be like saying "your design sucks so it'll be cheaper than this other guys design because it is better" it's hella disrespectful

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