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OK Warframe i love you and ive been playing for some time but my game keeps glitching out i contributed 3000 oxium into a clan research project and when my friend and i checked back not only did it take my oxium but it also didnt put it to the reasearch. i aslo cant seem to enable my two facter. ony my pc i cant get google to work so i tried to do all the steps on my phone and it throws me into a continuous loop of enableing clicking the link at my email and relogging in 

id really like some advice onw hat to do for these issues -thx

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If you have any sort of photo sharing you could use, it would be very helpful to have screen caps of the error happening.

For example:
show your total oxium,
Clan total oxium
applying the donation of X oxium,
accepting the part where you type DONATE,
then the total of clan oxium
and personal.

That is irrefutable, and shows them exactly where the trouble is.

You're under no obligation, though if it's something you wouldn't mind doing, Great!
Those little things help staff and players to identify the problem very easily.
Otherwise, they're just gonna have to try to re-create it.. and if it doesn't happen for them, they have nothing to work off of but hearsay.

As for 2FA, hopefully support can get that sorted or figured out with you easy enough. Might be a bug but I have no idea. Wish I could be of more assistance.
Best of luck!

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