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You must buy it with steam wallet if you made your account through steam. You get as much platinum and whatever else it says as the founders page says you would and and nov 1st you cannot buy founders ever again.

I'm playing it via steam it has 201 hours but what do you mean " you get as much platnium" ?  I didnt get free platinum except the 50 plat when they gave us as pardon gift.

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When you buy a Founder Package, you'll receive the Platinum around 10 minutes afterwards (less time if the people buying Platinum is low [faster Que]). You'll get your Badge in-game around that same time as your platinum, as for forums Badge, same thing BUT you'll have to clear your cache so you can see it. If you don't clear your cache, it won't update your badge on your end, but everyone else will be able to see it (or at least I think so).


Hopes this helps :P

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