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Sugestion for non archwing heavy weapons.


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For instance lets take that giant circular saw some of the ghouls use, duct tape a spear launcher with rope on the front, have it run on energy as opposed to ammo which can be replenished, fire button causes the projectile weapon to fire a harpoon that will latch onto what you snag and pull it back at you, pressing the melee button spins up your circular saw, grab a target and pull it into a grizzly end...

Or a gatling gun with a chain saw... Or a heavy beam rifle that turns into a plasma blade or something.Things not really meant to be used with archwing but still interesting weapons for your heavy weapon slot...

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Firing a mining drill, similar to that one skin for (I have no idea which weapon) with a drill on the front. Initial damage, and additional damage over time as it grinds into the target, reducing a portion of defense, or opening the hull to the elements.

Your ideas sound savage, and I love them.

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