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Banned for playing?! Twice! Help?


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Dear DE,

Normally I would not come to a forum about this... And it is in fact not the first thing I did as I already messaged support. But while replying within a day is nice they refuse to give the least bit of information on why I was banned never mind considering lifting the ban. Now they even told me they are not going to give any further support in this matter. It seems much like they are not responsible to handle bans at all. So I come here as it's pretty much the last thing I can do.

So what actually happened?
I received a 14 days trade ban without doing anything wrong like hacking/exploiting/cheating/scamming/insulting. Also without any explanation why. And not once, this happened twice already.

First ban happened in December 2019:
I was joining a group of veteran Warframe players in an attempt to "beat" Warframe. After having played for almost 2.5 years very actively I felt like it was time to give it a try. So the idea was to play an arbitration for as long as we possibly could to try reaching level 9999 enemies. And we did it! The mission took 7h 37 mins and here's what we got:
Well almost. After reaching lvl 9999 the enemies simply stopped spawning. And the mission type being a Defense made it literally impossible to finish and keep the loot. After losing all loot of such an exhausting run it seems almost logical that the game would force us to kill ourselves. Devs showing some nice sense of humor...
But the worst punishment was that I noticed my trading was blocked right on the first trade that I wanted to do after this mission. There was no inbox message, no e-mail, no notification on what was happening at all. Trades were only giving me a "failed to make offer" message everytime I tried to place an item or plat into the trade. This part was likely a bug that fixed itself on the next day when I could not start trades anymore and the Trading Station would show the message "Trading restricted for 324h".
Now I contacted support about it, the response was that my mission "was flagged for having abnormal results". I will add the full conversation with the support a little further down. Here I just want to say that it did not come totally unexpected in this case. Such a mission can certainly be considered "abnormal" and I was expecting that it would get looked into when I started it. What I did not expect was a ban right away after we couldn't even keep the loot, getting no explanation why I was banned and not getting the ban lifted after my account has been checked. Also I did not do this mission solo. There were 3 other players with me in the exact same mission yet none of them received a ban.
Here's the Leaderboard showing I was not alone:

A note for the more casual players:
I am aware that it might seem very unlikely and almost impossible to reach a level of 9999 with legit means. Not too long ago I would have thought the same myself. But the strategy to achieve this is actually pretty simple and almost foolproof. All it takes is everyone in the group to use the Tenno Specter with a decent weapon. No Riven or Prime Mods are required. The specter will always be scaled to enemy levels when you place it during a mission hence it can kill enemies at any level. Now all we did was to replace the specter every couple 100 levels and let them do all the killing while we and the operative were hiding under invisibility. Also note that this was an Infested mission, so no huge AoE explosions were happening that could kill us accidentally.

And here the full conversation I had with support:

So after all support was telling me to not play longer than 3h. It still felt strange that others in the group were not banned but I decided to leave the matter, wait out the ban and take it as punishment for my own stupidity of playing to level 9999.

Then the second ban happened just a month later in January 2020:
This time I'm quite unsure of what was even triggering it.
I kept to the restriction of not playing longer than 3h in a single mission. In fact I'm pretty sure I did not even exceed 2h in a mission since the first ban. On the day of the ban I was playing several sentient anomalies (around 35-40 mins each), one axi fissure survival for 75 mins and several random fast fissure missions to farm Void Traces. Nothing banworthy.
When the ban happened I was not playing any mission at all. I was using up my last 2 trades about 30 mins before the trade reset to buy prime junk. Then about 15 mins after the trade reset I was banned already.
I went to ask support and got the exact same message from last time about abnormal mission results only with the words "another" and "again" added to it. Seeing those copy & paste messages with not even the slightest attemt of being helpful for the player just makes me sad. During the first ban I didn't know everything was just copy & paste and thought support was atleast trying. I should have guessed...
And a few lines later they told me support can't do anything for me.

Here's the full thing:

I've started asking around among all players that I remember playing with on the day I got banned. And turns out that 2 other players who I regularly did the sentient anomaly with also got a trade ban. So might be this has something to do with the ban. Or not. I don't remember anything extraordinary happening during the runs on this day. I've been doing the sentient anomaly for several days already and had better results too. That I even have to go to such lenghts to try guessing why I got banned... Generally I find it very questionable to ever ban a player without giving any reason. Can this really be DE's official policy? Maybe someone with the ability to ban people is abusing their power... Speculation...

Anyway my situation now is being banned twice without any explanation. As far as I can tell I did not do anything bad. And support won't help me avoid getting banned in the future.

Anyone in their right mind should be able to see that getting an unjustified 2 weeks ban every month is too much. And for me it will make the game unplayable as trading is my main activity and what I enjoy most in Warframe.

And what about this audit they mention? Is it actually happening? And if so why am I not being unbanned when it's done? I had to wait the full 14 days on the first ban and even when it was over I did not receive any message about the potential outcome of that audit.

I hope very much to get some official response here. Since support is not supporting and the community will not be able to do much...

What can I do? Feels like being a victim of arbitrary bans.

I'll start staring at the timer...

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