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I love Nekros's concept 

Grim Reaper, Ruler of Death, The Terrifying One, Necromancer

It is so cool but only concept and appearance

He is nothing but a tanky farmer now


You can use soul punch while reloading to protect yourself from enemy's disruption

But that's all

Enemies fleeing in terror are hard to aim

They don't look at you like they do when they fight with you

Summoned shadows are just cannon fodder though they have damage bonus


I propose quite big change


New passive :  Soul Collector

You can collect enemies soul from various way

You will recover your health every time you get soul

The number of souls acquired can be checked on unique HUD

Max number of souls acquired is 10 

You'll have to keep your soul in a hurry because you don't have enough capacity and it will make your play more prosperous


You can collect a soul from soul punch's initial target

You can reinforce soul punch by hold down key and it'll cost one collected soul too

If enemy is terrified, soul punch inflict additional damage


Change terrify's armor debuff to augment's slow 

Terrify temporarily reinforce shadows

Reduce energy cost to 50


You can get soul randomly from desecrated enemies

By hold down key you can desecrate all corpses at once just like old version and this have additional chance to get soul


Shadows come from collected soul, not from vanquished enemies

Shadows of the dead cost collected soul of course

Increase damage bonus as significant level

You can change shadow to tracking projectile by cast soul punch to shadow

You can change all shadows to tracking projectiles by hold down 4 key

This will enable the active elimination of disturbing shadows for a number of reasons


Entire soul system idea comes from nekros prime trailer 🙂

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2 hours ago, T_erry said:

He is nothing but a tanky farmer now

He also provides Health, Energy and Ammo to the Squad, all of which can be quite useful.

2 hours ago, T_erry said:

Enemies fleeing in terror

Yeah, I was never a fan of that effect, in any game I encountered it.

Just make enemies freeze in place / have the Augment effect innately.

2 hours ago, T_erry said:

New passive :  Soul Collector

You can collect enemies soul

Honestly, I'd say just give Nekros Titania's Tribute (maybe after a buff or two) for more Squad support, because, well, SOUL PUNCH,
then replace that ability on Titania with some Amesha / Nova / Revenant-esque (but butterfly-themed) shield thing for survival
(maybe even allow Titania to share that protection with the Squad ... in some way other than as a "targeted buff" because urgh e.g. Safeguard).

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