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FYI for those interested in the Vectis Prime and Depleted_Reload/curse-Rivens. Speed Trigger may do more for you.



Just an FYI for people dashing to try the Vectis Prime due Chamber's release.

Depleted_Reload alone does not effect the shooting action/recoil animation delay, so while it will drop the reload animation to less than half a second, the mod will drop the sustained DPS by ~27% of the base, ignoring the new magazines effect on the sniper combo counter.

This will be worse with -magazine riven, ~39% drop, as in that case you're not getting the ~0.44s reload buff.


Obviously ignores the fact that With chamber the second shot will do less, but the point is that shrinking the mag may drop your overall dps, compared to adding more damage in that slot.
I'm hearing that you can't manual override the delay on the vectis (?), but I haven't played around with macros for that myself.

Take the numbers with a grain of salt, as they're from the tennoware builder, but they illustrate the point I'm making.

I'll test myself, but that means standing and counting how long it takes to exhaust the max ammo, as that's the most precise way I can think of to test it.

Unless anyone can shoot a hole in this (I have a cursed-Riven, so I'd welcome it 😉 ), I'm thinking of adding it to the wiki, as someone edited the page to really encourage people to use Depleted_Reload.


If you really need a utility mod on your build, Speed_Trigger (Arcane_Acceleration) will likely help you more than depleted reload and as a bonus will help you to build up the combo, for that multiplier too.

Edit: Other takeaway, -mag is not really a secret +, disguised as a curse.

VectisP SDPS: with only PC ~853.5; with PC & cursed-Mag ~690; with PC &DpR ~833; PC & SP ~1036.

HF Tenno :).

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1 hour ago, DeckChairVonBananaCamel said:

i suppose you could have a riven with a -magazine curse and something like +multishot, +crit chance/dmg, +damage, and/or +element?

You could, but my point was that while those +s are the optimal ones (MS for combo/damage, CC for Crit, Dmg for PC/HM, Heat/Electric for Tridolon/PT),

I think that a -magazine curse is actually a rather bad one to have on a Vectis riven, as, ignoring any +s, I calculate that curse and Primed Chamber to be worse than just Primed Chamber alone, by about ~19%.

The only case where you'd want to remove the second shot is you're solely testing Primed Chamber's damage, any really world case, except maybe stealth sniping,it's probably better to have the second bullet.

I'd say that - Projectile_Speed is the best curse to have, as it has 0 effect on the hitscan sniper.

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