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  1. But yeah im pretty sure this post was made before the new renderer was even properly announced, the issue has since been fixed. In fact there was another shadows issue related to the open worlds that i brought up in a later post where the terrain was not casting shadows (only entities like rocky outcrops were), but that has also since been fixed
  2. also it might seem counter intuitive due to the low status chance, but maybe try swapping the elemental mods for their 60/60 counterparts. With the acceltra both the direct hit and the explosion each have a base 6% chance to proc a status effect. With 2 60/60 elemental mods that becomes 13.2%, giving a total of 24.7% per projectile. (with the explosion still doing 13.2% to nearby enemies) With +150% multishot (SC+VA) the total chance to proc at least once per ammo spent *should* be (if my maths is correct) and average of 50.7% With the acceltra's damage weighting with 2 60/60 mod
  3. most missions has a hidden mission fail timer, if you spend long enough without killing anything, completing objectives, ect it triggers and gives you 60 seconds before the mission fails. I have only ever triggered it twice, one was right after they released the updated corpus gas city tileset I spent a long time trying to find the thing i need to shoot to open the switches for a hidden door. The second was an attempt at steel path ropololyst with the wrong gear.
  4. The Ostwan Range area does not play well with the "control territory" objective, enemies will not spawn, but the control level will keep dropping
  5. there is currently an issue with the directx 12 renderer where there is a slight pause every time new assets are loaded for the first time. Other games get around it by just doing it all in one big lump when you boot the game (if you have ever played borderlands 3 in directx 12 mode you are VERY familiar with this) DE have stated that they are working on an alternative solution that does not require the big load at the start or the stuttering when loading new assets, but we will need to be patient to see what this solution is
  6. There is a spot in the downstairs part of the orbiter that has FAR brighter lighting than it is supposed to. This is an old bug that has been in the game for some time now. Secondly the shadows in the upstairs section have not been working properly since the Deimos: Arcana orbiter upgrade:
  7. there is a weird UI bug that happens sometimes where if you have mods equipped in another mod config they wont appear in the upgrade screen, could it be that?
  8. when using either the necramech's hover or sprint+slide move, if you can manage to get it to last a long time (via efficiency mods) the particle effects slowly get more and more intense over time eventually hurting performance
  9. Do "Necramech Efficiency" (+60% Engine efficiency) and "Necramech Friction" (+60% Slide efficiency) stack? The engine efficiency one is self explanitory, but the slide efficiency is a little weird... the regular slide doesn't consume engine power, so is it referring to the sprint+slide move? Does it reduce the engine power consumption of that move? Does it stack? Turns out yes... yes they do
  10. contact support, and don't mention the other player's name on the forums (feel free to mention it to support though, just not here)
  11. @demonnicdragox What weapons are you using? Can you post what mod setup you are using?
  12. a screenshot of him saying "no, it's not possible" with your crosshairs on him showing his level, we can then see if you have keys equipped by the hud icon?
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