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  1. Oh i thought OP was just complaining about the fact they couldn't strip armour
  2. i suppose you could have a riven with a -magazine curse and something like +multishot, +crit chance/dmg, +damage, and/or +element?
  3. There's a lot of responses, so i dont know if this was already said, but im pretty sure kuva liches are immune to status effects so even if your lich was not immune to corrosive, it would still be immune to corrosive procs. However your mistake was bringing Valkyr and then proceeding to use literally anything other than hysteria.
  4. You mean those Simaris targets? I'm pretty sure they are immune to most forms of CC. What you can use, however, are kinetic siphon traps. Alternatively, im pretty sure you can use limbo's stasis, and i believe dethcube's vaporise can stagger almost anything.
  5. to be fair though, the requiem relics are kinda required to kill the lich, you wouldn't want to be spending ages fighting with RNGsus trying to get that last requiem mod required, only to have your lich steal it. But to respond to OP, try taking your broke mate to the index so they can turn their last 50k credits into 250k, only to have their lich swoop in and leave them with absolutely nothing, lol! But i would much prefer that the lich could steal absolutely anything (except for requiem and quest stuff)
  6. In this first picture, you can see that an enemy thrall has chosen to teleport to the topside of the mesh: In the next image there is a large, deep crack in the ground. I had a drahk master summon his drahk down inside that crack:
  7. i was doing a kuva lich mission and the lich managed to enthrall my dethcube prime. This may be related to others reporting their pets being enthralled (ive also seen one where a nidus had one if his maggots enthralled as well) My theory is that whatever flag that prevents enthralling is tied to the tenno faction, however when you get irradiated it messes with this faction allegiance, possibly allowing that flag to be ignored?
  8. There is a fairly uncommon bug that can occur where, after mercy finishing an enemy or hacking a terminal, your parazon does not unequip, leaving you to run around without being able to attack. This is usually not a problem, because you just hit the switch weapon button/quick melee and it fixes the issue. Except for when you have an archgun equipped. When the bug occurs in this instance, the "cant switch weapons/melee" condition that affects archguns is still present, preventing you from switching to a different weapon. I've tried: switch weapon, melee, equipping gear items (tranq, scanner, mining laser), re-equipping archgun, jumping off a cliff... nothing seems to work! (i couldn't try dying, because i was in a low-level mission and had an arcane grace equipped, lol) It is a fairly uncommon bug, but if it happens whilst carrying your archgun it can cripple the rest of the mission.
  9. With the upcoming update to kuva liches allowing you to slowly upgrade your kuva weapons until they are "perfect" (60% damage bonus), im thinking of stocking up on duplicate kuva weapons. With weapon slots being limited, i want to just keep them in the foundry. does anyone know if there is there a limit to how many i can keep in this way? I assume not, but i dont want to find out the hard way.
  10. there are a few issues that can arise if a converted kuva lich spawns in the same mission as an enemy kuva lich. If the converted lich spawns after the hostile one, the name on the dialogue portrait will have the name of the hostile lich. eg. my hostile lich, "vurr horr" arrived and i made a parazon attempt on it (failed). Soon after, the converted lich "ogg dekk" arrived. However, on the portrait that appears when they announce their arrival the name said "vurr horr" Ive had an issue once (obviously hard to replicate due to the RNG nature of it) where whilst fighting a squad member's lich, my own lich came to help. However my own lich left before we defeated them and when he left the hostile lich's health bar disappeared
  11. when i get a new kuva lich i like do decide as early as possible as to whether i want to vanquish/convert them. The main thing i base this on is whether or not their weapon is better than the one i already possess. To check this, however, i need to: find the version i already own remember the name go into the codex and find the lich who gave it to me check the bonus percentage on their profile screen compare it to the bonus percentage on the new lich's screen OR if i have transferred valence to the weapon in the past i actually need to manually work out the bonus damage with a calculator and compare THAT to the new one (unless i remember the name of the kuva lich that donated its damage bonus), but that relies on whether or not i remember that i have actually done that in the past. Instead it would be much better to display the weapon's current damage bonus in a few other places: on the equip screen (in the same place zaws/kitguns/amps show their parts), on the upgrade screen (in the same place the paracesis shows its sentient damage bonus), and in the inventory tooltip (currently the only tooltip that actually shows this is the one in the valence transfer screen, but by then you have already vanquished the lich) Additionally, if a duplicate of the weapon is already owned, a "compare weapon" button on the kuva lich's profile screen would be excellent as well
  12. The search function does not work on the kuva lich screen, ideally it should work for both the lich's names and the weapon they possess, but it currently does not work at all It would also be nice to be able to sort by name/chronological order/status/ect
  13. So i got a lich with a kuva shildeg that had a higher toxin bonus than my current kuva shildeg so i vanquished it to get that hammer (the bonus was 33% vs my current 27%). When i went to valence transfer the bonus, however, i got the message that i could not transfer a bonus that was of the same type but weaker. Thinking i had misread i checked both kuva liches in my history but i found i was originally correct, the new hammer has 33% toxin and my current one had 27%. So i checked the actual weapon stats, and sure enough my current hammer was actually stronger than the new one! ^ here are the stats, the left is my current one, and the right is the new one. doing the maths reveals that the new one indeed has ~33% bonus toxin, but my current one actually has ~45% toxin bonus Edit: i have since realised that this occurred because i had already transferred valence to the Curg Mak'alo Kuva Shildeg in the past, i will be posting in the feedback section in regards to this problem
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