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  1. this is so weird, i had a DREAM last night that the umbral forma was back in the steel path honours shop...
  2. they could add it as a toggle like how prime warframes have "toggle prime details" options they could have a "toggle massive jacket" option It's just a little too... extra, isn't it?
  3. Hard to explain with words, but at least with a black colour it looks like there is oil spilled all over the floor, or rather only some splotches actually show the floor texture properly with the rest just being a solid colour A video showing the issue with a variety of colours, note that lighter colours make the issue less noticeable:
  4. This one has been in the game for a while. At the bottom of the right-hand-side ramp there is an area that has very intense dynamic lighting that does not show on nearby surfaces.
  5. I love the design of the harrier operator suit, except for the massive jacket. Is there any chance we can get a version that lacks this big square puffy jacket? (i dont mind the smaller puffy vest on the inside, it's just the massive one i have an issue with)
  6. just used the master's font on orcus relay, and the statue switched over to my current warframe (sevagoth). but instead of a stone statue it was just the normal skin, and it was also not positioned correctly: (The topic creator demands that i use a tag but there is no tag that really describes what is happening here, so it's labelled as "UI" but is not really a UI issue)
  7. as seen in this image the community/news display is positioned to the side and back. This causes it to clip not only with the base, but also with the window.
  8. Epitaph doesnt point correctly towards the crosshairs whilst aiming, this can result in the weapon covering the crosshairs whilst trying to aim down an incline. Video showing the issue, first the un-aimed animation followed by the problematic aimed one:
  9. Sevagoths claws dont gain affinity when used to get kills, they only gain affinity when you perform kills with your regular weapons
  10. Just had the same UI glitch 4 missions in a row (capture invasion, Saturn - Enceladus) Once I captured the target the green extraction marker would appear, however it would not place the marker on the door that i would have to use to leave from my current tile to the next (as it does when working correctly), instead the marker placed itself in an arbitrary location on the way to extraction, and then once reached would move straight to the extraction zone. Here is an example of the bug in action: Edit: i wish to add that immediately after this I did a lith fissure
  11. These are all the prime weapons with their cell requirements and their vaulted status (marked with a V and greyed out): Akbolto Prime (0) Aksomati Prime (0) Akstiletto Prime (0) Ballistica Prime (0) (V) Cernos Prime (0) Dual Kamas Prime (0) (V) Fang Prime (0) Paris Prime (0) Zhuge Prime (0) ------------------------------------------------------- Euphona Prime (5) Hikou Prime (8) Spira Prime (8) (V) ------------------------------------------------------- Akbronco Prime (20, due to requiring 2x Bronco Prime) ) Akjagara Prime (10) (V) Aklex Prime (20, due to requiring 2x Lex Pr
  12. thanks for the replies, in the end i just gave up, haha also i did try hopping in and out of the white marked optional objective and the critical target, and unfortunately i did not have any luck.
  13. currently in a railjack mission (pluto proxima exterminate), stuck on 1/2 crewships killed, but i picked up a bunch of good stuff, is there anything i can do to get more crewships to spawn or at least leave the mission with everything ive collected so far?
  14. it seems to work with guaranteed impact proc weapons, just tested it by very reliably bleeding enemies with my kuva chakkur, i tried it on my daikyu alongside hunter munitions and it absolutely obliterated lvl 180 corrupted heavy gunners. i wont have a chance to test it on the steel path until tonight though
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