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  1. just did a profit taker run with a rando (who i friended) and the profit taker challenge didnt trigger
  2. just let it redownload, your profile is on DE's end, you just log back into it when you are done
  3. Yeah as @Airwolfen said, it's a toggle now, you dont need to hold it And trust me, it will take a little adjustment, but the change is great. Though i'm still trying to adjust to the idea i can whip out my gun during hysteria to deal with nullifiers, lol.
  4. just remember, if you changed any of the bindings (you can do that on console, yeah?), they may have been reverted to make way for the new changes
  5. Unfortunately melee aimgliding being lost is a byproduct of the instant switching. It would be nice if, as well as the "melee with fire button" option, we had a "block with aim button" option (obviously this would have to be an either/or situation as, if you activated both, you would have no way to switch back to guns) If you usually play melee-only you can still aimglide with melee by un-equipping your guns. Im curious though, what exactly is your issue with the channelling being the right stick?
  6. The current mod description states: Aim and then attack to leap onto enemies up to Xm away. Has anyone figured out how to get it to actually work? I cant for the life of me get the leap to work.
  7. So there has been an issue in warframe for as long as i can remember (not sure if a "bug", though) When firing your weapon, you are not able to move smoothly in circles, basically the animation that plays when your warframe turns around to face the other way causes a hitch in your movement controls. This occurs with primaries and secondaries. It affects beam/charge weapons the worst, with regular automatic weapons also being affected to a lesser extent (semi-autos are barely affected at all). It does NOT affect bows (this may or may not be related to the fact that bows have both a left and right handed animation). To produce this problem in its worst form: equip a charge weapon that does not auto-release its shot (lanka, ogris, miter) charge it up (dont aim, just charge it in hipfire) start running backwards, and whilst moving backwards try moving left and right quickly (like shown in the image below) If someone could record a video of this and plonk it below, that would be swell!
  8. a multi-stage boss fight, with cool mid-fight cinematics where you rip pieces off of the boss? yes please!
  9. actually im pretty sure (excluding bundles) a message pops up, informing you that you cannot buy the item if it has too high a mastery rank
  10. some clever ducky over on the wiki reckons they solved it: "THE DEAD HAVE DEBTS"
  11. basically just avoid putting it on explosive weapons, lol
  12. I have been having issues with the GPU particles, where sometimes instead of flowing around like they normally do, instead they seem to move in straight lines here is an example of some sparks look. Instead of exploding out in all directions they just shoot up. I was also trying to get and image of it occurring on a capture, but it seems to be refusing to do the thing now, so instead here is an artists impression:
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