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  1. huh, i was under the impression that selecting a bounty would level the whole area to the bounty's level. Did you take the bounty whilst on the plains, or from cetus?
  2. I like the idea, but it would have to come at the caveat of no longer being able to equip a riven on that item. Maybe it could be a super hard bossfight reward (or raid reward, for when they return) that allows you to sacrifice a riven to boost an items stats up to something suited to your current mastery rank. Given the fact DE are now supposedly using an fomula to work out what an item's stats are based on it's mastery rank (or vice versa?) it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to algorithmically allow a weapon's stats to get boosted up based on their formula. Though, don't forget that unique-ish, randomly enhanced weapons will be coming with the nemesis system.
  3. I didn't even realise this was happening, lol! I must have so many cells after I used them for affinity farming!
  4. The way melee weapons work was changed recently, so you dont need to manually change back and forth between melee/gun. This is to make it feel more fluid. You can achieve something that resembles the old way, but you have to remove the stance mod from the weapon, resulting in less capacity. 近戰武器的工作方式最近已更改,因此您無需在近戰/槍械之間來回手動更改。 這是為了使其感覺更流暢。 您可以實現類似於舊方法的功能,但是必須從武器中刪除姿態模塊,從而導致容量降低。
  5. yeah, might be worth posting about this in the bugs section
  6. huh... did you have any other warframes with exalted weapons? are their weapons showing in the arsenal screen?
  7. i know how molecular prime works, but how is this: a response to this: I mean, infested impedance doesn't have anywhere near as much of an effect as molecular prime, but were you under the impression that it did something else entirely?
  8. i have been guilty of killing someone else's simaris target. i was valkyr-ing along and it turns out there was one nestled in a group of enemies in a narrow hallway and i killed it within a second or two. *slide attack!* Me: huh, that guy didn't die first hit. *slide attack!* Simaris: What have you done?! Synthesis only works on the living! Can you control your murderous impulses for the good of the Sanctuary?! Someone on voice chat: Did someone just kill my synthesis target!? How %$#!ing hard is it to not kill the target!? *proceeds to go on a rant about how stupid someone would have to be to not realise it was the target.*
  9. Yeah but due to its slow fire rate and lack of slash, if you are fighting something that absolutely demands corrosive or slash, you'd probably do better using a different weapon.
  10. press your quick melee button
  11. I was doing a sanctuary onslaught today and my dethcube became totally non-responsive. No shooting, no vaporise, no medi-pet kit. Because it wasn't shooting i didn't get energy generators effect, though vacuum still worked (because i think it is a passive instead of an actual ability) It was working perfectly normal one moment, but then would just stop the next. The only thing that seemed to fix it was me dying and reviving. Here is my mod order:
  12. given it is a slow fire-rate weapon, and corrosive prefers a high fire rate, i tend to whack viral on mine, so if it does proc it's half health time!
  13. The sentients were specifically designed with "the flaw", which is a weakness to the energies of the void.
  14. just texted in mission (Eris - Saxis), with the same parameters (Octavia at jogging speed, runner in pursuit, tag the runner and measure how how much time is between every meter i gain). I got the same results as my previous test: Without Infested Impedance: 3 seconds per meter With Infested Impedance: slightly less than 1 second per meter.
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