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Reduced damage stats resulting from Valence Fusion


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Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to post a question to the developers and the general community.

I'm currently busy trying to max out the bonus elemental damage of my Kuva Chakkhurr. My first one had a 42% roll, and I'm currently in the process of getting my 5th to hopefully max it out to 60%.

I'm obviously doing this by using Valence Fusion, but here's the interesting-(slightly concerning) bit. Every time I've fused a new Chakkhurr into the first, while my bonus elemental damage has increased, a lot of the the other damage stats have decreased by incremental bits. So its small but still DECREASED! Now I've done a fair amount of research on the new Kuva Lich system and apart from a couple of other guys noting the same problem, I haven't found anything that would clear this up. 

So to recap, we all know that Valence Transfer changed to become Valence Fusion where you combine two bonus elemental percentages to get a new -(higher) one. But nowhere have I seen or heard in the descriptions of Valence Fusion, that while using it to increase those bonus elemental percentages, some of the other damage stats would DECREASE. 

Is this some kind of bug, or am I missing something?

I hope that you kind-hearted developers and fellow concerned players can clear this up for me.

Kind Regards,

Saint of Gunpowder


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2 hours ago, Asphyxxia said:

It's been around for a while. It's about a 2% loss in IPS from what I recall. I have no idea if it's -2% for every fusion or if there's a limit depending on 30% to 60% bonus. Needs further testing.

I'm almost certain this has to be a bug, it isn't mentioned anywhere as far as I know, and it doesn't make any sense for the weapon to lose innate power.

EDIT: Apparently Kuva weapons actually have semi-random IPS/ non ele bonus stats too. I saw a post on here talking about it, and to confirm, I compared my unmodded Kuva Bramma's Blast and Impact to a youtuber's video and they are indeed different. Mine has slightly less blast and impact. I'm talking like 0.3 points on each. But perhaps Valence Fusion takes the base stats of the donor weapon along with the Elemental fusion bonus?

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