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Strun Wraith Build



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isn't Ravage one of those new mods added within the last update? 

Nope. Shotgun crit damage is existing as long as others are.



To OP: crit build is not reliable for this weapons due to almost unnoticeable crit damage bonus, I'd recommend you to switch to full elemental build. 

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Pretty much the build i'm working on, one more forma left to be able to max it all out.  I haven't been able to decide on the last slot between Chilling Grasp/incendiary coat/charged shell/ Bane of whatever or ammo stock.  I actually like having a maxed ammo stock.  Thing already does insane damage without that last spot, especially combined with something like roar or sonar.

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This is the greatest strun wraith build in existence, no other weapon can compare to it... beware though, for once you implement this build you will be a god amongst tenno and no grineer, infested, corpus or stalker alike will be able to stop you...


oh wait I don't have strun wraith :(

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Crit is better if you swap the element in the last slot according to the faction you're facing.

Keep in mind these calculations don't factor in the fact that because shotguns have spread, many pellets are not hitting unprotected body parts. On lower enemies, it doesn't matter since your normal damage and Armor Piercing will kill them, but on higher enemies where you'd need that extra damage, their armor is going to heavily reduced your elemental damage.

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But Crit is still better than ele stacking against high levels strictly because of that armor scaling.


Against Infested, the fire element wont add any damage against Chargers and Ancient-head/bodyshots, only against Runners/Leapers and Ancient-leg shots. Because I find chargers more threatening than runners (no/little armor means runners are taking more damage from the base shotgun damage) and I prefer to headshot Ancients (easier/interrupts the charge), I prefer cold damage over fire damage against Infested, for the snare, or cleanse for more damage.


Assuming that the build doesnt already have the cleanse mod built into it, the link doesnt work... oh it doesnt:







+Crit chance

+Crit damage



Is cleanse or elec better for Corpus? Would cleanse+elec+cold be better than crit for Corpus due to shields/lowarmor?

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