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Difference Of Prime Warframe Versions (Idea You Like It)


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Hi, I will not write history and description, tired =)


briefly ,

earlier Prime had +1 polarity (was cool)

now it's not important because there are a form (not cool)


IDEA : add the Prime version 2 slot aura. (cool again)


Oh you  don't love imagine yourself, all is you need a ready-made solution (this is bad) =(

therefore explanations

1 you cannot install the same 2 type of aura

2 2 slot aura will not add points energy

3 2 slot aura will not require energy

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An extra aura slot would mean you could have 60 + 28 energy. That is A LOT, don't know what impact that would have.

I'd very much like primes to be more long-term unique, but i don't know how. Maybe 1-2 allround permanent polarity slot?

That would let you switch around some mods rather fast.


There could not be additional allround slots made with forma

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Primes still are unique a) in their look, b) in gaining 100 energy from Death Orbs in the void.

On your idea: I'd rather prefer them to have some hard-coded team buff (like Frost Prime giving small resistance to ice levels - built-in Warm Coat) instead of a second aura slot.

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