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Trinity Builds



Which role do you guys prefer?


Tank/CC - max +duration, making Link/Blessing last long, and WoL and EV basically CC's. Link can be used offensively to increase damage output.


* been toying with dropping a +health or shield mod for Rage, or Narrow Minded (dont really like the -range for Link/EV)


Energy Restorer - max -duration and +power strength, making Link basically useless, Blessing basically just a heal, WoL an interrupt, but making EV restore ~225 energy every ~3.6 seconds (and maybe even do decent damage, use at the end of short WoL).


Cast WoL, wait 2.5 seconds, cast EV = instantly dead enemy, no matter their level or type.

*Tossup here between Vigor and Streamline - Streamline not really needed imo, as it is EV returns ~160 energy/use in ~3.6 seconds, so even a WoL+EV combo returns ~40 energy even if it only ticks twice.


Thinking of adding a V forma and getting Blind Rage up even higher for more energy return.

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I personally run Focus instead of Continuity because of how it affects Energy Vampire.


I also would suggest Forma'ing into a - polarity for your aura slot and cycling between Corrosive Projection and Energy Siphon.


However, those suggestions maximize the weapons I use, and my personal playstyle, so I suggest experimenting in order to find your favorite.

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I personally run Focus instead of Continuity because of how it affects Energy Vampire.

this is bad advice, you'll rarely use EV because teammates will kill enemies too fast to utilize it. The exception is bosses. Continuity effects your link and the duration of the immune effect on blessing. its DAMN helpful! A lot more than focus ever could be on this frame. 

also, corrosive projection? lol, no

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EV works if you use it on something lifted by WoL; they have 10x the HP pool they normally would and teammates seem to recognize 'dont kill the floating guy, hes no threat'


Corrosive Projection is almost the same damage increase as Rifle Amp on armored enemies, and works on pistols, regmelee, and warframe abilities. Given that 'battery' setup means everyone in rage has basically infinite energy, its my favorite choice for the bar polarity. Something like enemy radar or weapon swap might work...?

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