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I think he's talking about the dark grey part, which is barely colorable (seems only affected slightly by a tint, similar to Grakata, but even less).

Yeah that grey part is annoying, most weapons and even some warframes have them, and it's really just dumb, especially when there's some color slots that change absolutely nothing!

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I see. Well thats not really a big deal o.o


Maybe not, but when you think about it, it's a design choice by DE to do that. This is similar to Excalibur/Nyx's huge unrecolorable grey parts on their back, among other things. You also have to take into consideration that certain color channels are UNUSED on some of these items, or those color channels barely change anything, making customization less creative and versatile.


Thinking about it like this, some people like me just have to wonder "why?!" in terms of design choice, especially when there's all the other beautiful aspects of the game, or certain weapons with incredible color channel customization (such as all the new infested weapons). It's those kind of things where the Jackie Chan meme can be applied, because the logic doesn't make sense, no matter how "minor" you and some other people may think.

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