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Add swimming Animation!


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26 minutes ago, Jem991 said:

warframes are made of steel and infested. steel is to heavy. this is why we are use the archwing under the water.

oooh that's true :O

(i should say it as a joke, but i really find that interesting ... i didn't think about the warframe game-world/lore specifically when asking this)


they can always use void magic tho.

plus, kubrows and kittos can follow us, swimming xD that'd be pretty funny to see

44 minutes ago, -FrutyX- said:

Yes but... except being it more "real" and "normal" , why ? There is no reason.

I'm not against it, I just don't see any usefulness behind it.

Absolutely no use at all.

I'd just do it for laughs and memes if I had the dev tools.


more seriously ... the problems are

1) warframes die when water reaches the head (why?!) ... breaks immersion and limits exploration

2) levels could have a tile where instead of archwing we swim ... after all archwing in water was never as fun as in space

3) it can be implemented "relatively" bug free ... shooting can be allowed, swimming animation can be toggleable between full body and just legs when needed ... audio us just an lowpass filter.


My only concern is that faster frames becoming OP when fishing :P

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