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Which Arcane is already equipped?


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Hi All,

It bugged me for a long time now. In the Arcane Screen in the Foundry or when installing on a Frame, i don't see on duplicates, which arcane is already equipped.

E.g. i want to sell a max Rank Arcane Fury. I already got one for my personal use. I max out the one i want to sell. Then, for whatever reason, it doesn't come to the Trade. To prevent myself from having both Arcanes equipped in different Frames/Configs, i want to break down the one which wasn't sold. And at this Point, i cannot see, which is the one i already equipped on my Frames, and which was the one to sell, unlike Mods. No Hint when breaking down, therefore its a gamble in every possible way, if i have to check all my configs. Only when trading  it'll say whether this specific Item is equipped or not.

Please make it clear in Foundry and Frame Config, which Arcane is  already equipped and which is not.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day everyone 

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